The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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From the book entitled: Complete biographical encyclopedia of Pulitzer Prize winners, 1917-2000: journalists, writers and composers on their ways to the coveted awards Volume 16 of The Pulitzer Prize Archive: A History and Anthology of Award-winning Materials in Journalism, Letters, and Arts, Heinz Dietrich Fischer, ISBN 3598301707, 9783598301704
Authors: Heinz Dietrich Fischer, Erika J. Fischer
Editors: Heinz Dietrich Fischer, Erika J. Fischer
Edition: illustrated
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter, 2002

Richard Lee Rhodes, born on July 4. 1937. in Kansas City. Ks.. attended Yale University and was awarded the Bachelor of Arts-degree in 1959. Upon his graduation he joined the staff of Newsweek in New York City as a writer trainee. The following year he became staff assistant with Radio Free Europe. During the academic year of 1960-61 he taught as an instructor in English at Westminster College in Fulton. Mo. Subsequently. Rhodes moved to Kansas City where he worked for Hallmark Cards. Inc., as book editing manager. In 1970 he returned to New York City and obtained an appointment as contributing editor with Harper's magazine, a position in which he remained during the next four years. Concurrently, he worked for one year as writer in residence for the Kansas City Regional Council for Higher Education. In 1974 Rhodes started to work for Playlwy magazine in Chicago. The recipient of the 1987 National Book Award in Non-Fiction, published the following books: The Inland Ground; The Ozarks and Ultimate Powers: A History of the Bomb. Rhodes also authored several fictional works, including The Ungodly; Holy Secrets; The hist Safari and Sons of Earth. The Loss of Innocence, The Osage River: Another Kind of Wilderness and A Wild Delight: Emerson on Nature count among the televison films for whic he wrote the scripts. Richard L. Rhodes won the 1988 PP in the category "General Non-Fiction" for the book The Making of the Atomic Bomb.

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