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John Thornton Rhodes, son of John Rhodes and Lucretia Harrison, was born ca. 1816 in Madison County. Virginia. He moved with his family in the 1830's to Amherst County, where they settled near Round Top Mountain.
On 23 March 1840. Thornton Rhodes married Mary Hester Padgett, daughter of John J. Padgett and wife. Lucy Bates, of Amherst County. They were the parents of ten children John Dabney Rhodes, born ca. 1842; Mary L. Rhodes, born ca. 1844. married 1866 George W Mays, son of George and Paulina Mays; Lucy F. Rhodes, born ca. 1846r married 1863 Daniel Connelly, son of Jeremiah and Patty Connelly; Emily Caroline Rhodes, born ca. 1847, married 1876 John J. Wright, son of Henry T. and Mary J. Wright; Charles Albert Rhodes, born ca. 1848. married 1875 Julia Casey, daughter of Edward and Maria (Padgett) Casey; Ann Maria Rhodes, born ca. 1852, married 1874 Patrick Henry Keeton, son of John A. and Nancy Keeton; Rebecca Jane Rhodes, born ca. 1853. married 1876. Paulus P. Srnoot, son of George W. Smoot and Lucy Carter; David Benjamin Rhodes, born ca. 1854, married 1883 Lucy Ann Cash, daughter of Chapman and Sally (Hudson) Cash, Joseph Preston Rhodes, born 1856. married (1) 1880. Octavia Baldock. daughter of John H. and Mary Virginia Baldock, married (2) 1886 Sarah D. Profit! daughter of Henry J. and Ann Profitt; Paulina B. Rhodes, born ca. 1861, married 1883 Edward Hartford Mays, son of Tazewell and Nannie R. Mays.
John Thornton Rhodes was ordained a minister of the Baptist Church in Amherst County in 1866. He organized, built and dedicated Gethsemane Baptist Church and served as its minister until his death on 14 July 1895. In the minutes of the Baptist General Association for 1895, J.S. Sessons wrote. "For about forty years (Rev. J.T. Rhodes) was a true and faithful servant of God. working in a quiet way, sowing the seed of the gospel in a section where it was much neglected... The verdict of all who knew him was. "A good man is gone to receive his reward."
John Rhodes (ca.1784-aft. 1860). father of John Thornton Rhodes, was the son of Hezekiah and Mary (Watts) Rhodes of Albemarle County, VA. He married 25 November 1815 Lucretia Harrison, daughter of John and Jane Harrison of Madison County. Hezekiah Rhodes (d. 1835), father of John Rhodes, was the son of Epaphroditus and Ann (White) Rhodes, of Albemarle County. His wife. Mary Watts, was the daughter of the Rev. Jacob Watts.
Epaphroditus Rhodes (ca. 1740-1816). father of Hezekiah Rhodes, was the son of Hezekiah and Anne (Hill) Rhodes of Orange County. He married Anne White, daughter of John and Anne (Wisdom) White.
Hezekiah Rhodes (1696-1762). father of Epaphroditus Rhodes, was the son of Hezekiah and Anne (Nichols) Rhodes of Middlesex County.
Hezekiah Rhodes (ca.1660-1716), immigrant, was born on the Isle of Guernsey. He married 1684 Elizabeth Nichols, daughter of John Nichols, of Middlesex County, VA
Submitted by: Phillip Wayne Rhodes
Source: Phillip Wayne Rhodes. The Rhodes Family. Mss FF2413. Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg, VA
Title: Amherst County Virginia Heritage
Author: S. Grose
Publisher: S. E. Grose
Page 213

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