The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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From the book entitled: History of Monona County, Iowa: containing full-page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, together with portraits and biographies of all the Governors of Iowa, and of the Presidents of the United States
Publisher: National Pub. Co., 1890

John R. Rhodes, a prominent and influential farmer of St. Clair Township, having his residence upon section 28, first came to the county in the spring of 1878, and worked by the month for M. J. Riddle, in Soldier Township, for about nine months. In Boyer and Charter Oak Townships, Crawford County, ho was employed in the same class of work and in breaking prairie until the summer of 1880, when he returned to this county and for two years carried on agricultural pursuits on rented lands in St. Clair Township. In the spring of 1882, having accumulated some capital, he purchased one hundred and sixty acres upon which he now lives, and out of which he has wrought a splendid and productive farm. When he came to this country he had but little capital besides a pair of strong arms and an ambitious spirit, and his present well-to-do condition has been brought about entirely by his own efforts.

Mr. Rhodes was born in Bluir County, Pa., July 28, 1859, and remained with his parents, John and Matilda (Forshey) Rhodes, until he had attained his eighteenth birthday, receiving the elements of a practical education in the public schools of his native county. He then commenced the battle of life on his own account and, after working in that neighborhood for about a year, struck out for the West, "to grow up with tho country," and came directly to Monona County.

Our subject was united in marringe February 10, 1881, in St. Clair Township, with Miss Dora F. Patrick, the daughter of George and Emily (Herndon) Patrick. By this union there has been born a family of four children, upon the following dates: Emma K., November 23, 1881; Orlando R., August 22, 1883; Laura B., December 4, 1886, and Marcellus R., December 25, 1888.

Mr. Rhodes occupies a high place in the estimation of the people of the township aud has been intrusted with the office of Justice of the Peace in and for the same, since the fall of 1882 and is the present administrator of justice in that vicinity. He is identified with all movements, accruing to the benefit of his neighbors, or the people of the county and town, and is one of the public spirited and enterprising members of the community that is rapidly bringing Mouona County to a front rank among the brilliant galaxy of sister counties of our noble State.

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