The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

B.B. Rhodes was born in 1826, in what is now Blair county, and was a son of Philip and Rachel Rhodes, nee Miller. Philip Rhodes died about 1846, aged fifty five years. Mrs. Rhodes was born about 1800, and is still living in Blair county, aged over eighty years. Mr. Rhodes came to Indiana county about 1850 and lived with Montgomery Thompson for about seven or eight years as miller at the mill still standing on Altman's run. He was in Minnesota for upwards of eighteen months. After returning he was married, about 1850, to Josephine Thompson, and removed to his farm, situated in Black-lick township, and has lived there the greater part of the time since. On April 1, 1880, he leased his farm and moved to Livermore, Westmoreland county, and is now engaged in Superintending the steam flouring mills at that place. He was elected and served as justice of the peace for three years. The only child of B. B. Rhodes and Josephine Rhodes is Agnes. This tract of land was warranted by Thomas Nonair, and patented by John Elder. The name of the tract is "St. Johns." The warrant is dated February 23, 1785.

History of Indiana County, PA
By J. A. Caldwell
1880, page 443.

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