The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

From :The history of Champaign county, Ohio: containing a history of the county; its cities, towns, etc.; general and local statistics; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; history of the Northwest territory; history of Ohio; map of Champaign county; Constitution of the United States
Publisher: W.H. Beers & co., 1881. Page 725-726

JOSEPH RHODES, mechanic, Terre Haute. Among the many good men represented in the Champaign County History, Joseph and Noah Rhodes may be classed. Joseph came from Shenandoah Co., Va., in 1835. He had for an objective point Harrison Co., Ind., but, after passing one winter there, and being much dissatisfied, started on his return to Virginia; he was out of money when he reached this county, and engaged with John Reynolds for a year; in the fall of 1836, he visited his old home, and, in the spring of 1837, he returned, accompanied by his brother Noah and two other men ; they commenced working by the month, and Joseph worked five years in this way, when he commenced the manufacture of boots and shoes in Judge Runkle's store; Noah worked four years and went back to Virginia, living there until 1856, when he returned to Champaign Co., bringing with him a wife and three children ; Joseph had, in the meantime, saved money enough to enter a quarter-section of land in Indiana; in 1845, he traded this for a tract west of John Bryan's farm, and again traded this for 160 acres on Mad River ; on this he built a mill, and afterward sold it to Abram Powell and purchased the farm upon which he now resides ; Noah purchased 75 acres of his brother Joseph, and another tract adjoining; they farmed in partnership for fourteen years, dividing the profits; during this time, Noah purchased 60 acres more land, and his oldest son, Jacob, lives on the tract; one son was born after coming to this county, and the death of one of the others occurred. They are ranked among our best men, and are a credit to the township; they are both Greenback men, and think their party should triumph. Joseph makes his home with his brother Noah, and is one of our confirmed bachelors. They are both exemplary men, and enjoy a high degree of prosperity.

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