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From: Dorann O'Neal Lam
Henry Rhoads wifes birthday and family
Henry Rhoads, Jr., was born the 5 day of June 1739.
Elizabethea Stoner was born the 25 of March 1744.
And joined in wedlock 19 of October 1760.
The 3 of March the first son was born 1762. Deceased the 5 of August 1779.
"Was Born"
Jacob, June 6, 1763
Susanna, April 1, 1765
Daniel, Jul 11, 1766
Caterina, June 19, 1768
Elizabethea, Oct. 12, 1770
Henry, March 26, 1772
Sollomon, June 7, 1774
David, Nov. 19 1776
Hanna, March 23, 1780
April 19, 1795. This day wen this retin. We was mared 34 years, 6 month by me Henry Rhoads and my Elizabetha beloved companion on the bans of Green River in Logan County Kantocki.
3 sons mared and 3 - three darthers and 2, 20 gran childrin
My wife deceased, October 2, 1807.
Married again 9 of February 1808.
(signed) Henry Rhoads
-------end of record, but article continues:
The father of the above Henry Rhoads, who was Henry Rhoads Senior, settled in Somerset County. He was granted land by John Penn in 1773. Henry, Jr., married Elizabeth Stoner in Maryland about 1760. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War. DAR Patriot Index says he died May 6, 1814 and that his second wife was Barbara Lauriman.
Source: Laurel Messenger of the Historical and Genealogical Society of Somerset County, PA, Box 533, Somerset, PA, November 1972, p. 6. Article "Rhoads" from the Florence Dibert Records. Copied from an old record held by Rhoads family in California with spelling as written.

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