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The ancestry of my grandmother
Doris Faye Bauguess Duncan
by Jason Michael Duncan


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A-13-1 John Rhodes, Jr. (7). Elizabeth Rhodes (A-3-2) was the daughter of John Rhodes, Jr. and Sarah Agnes
(Aggy) Jennings (A-14-1). They had the following children.13 Ref 13, p401.

1. *Elizabeth Rhodes 9/20/1803 - 9/22/1889

2. Elijah Rhodes 10/12/1805 - 4/22/1877

3. Hiram Rhodes 3/31/1808 -

4. John W. Rhodes 9/25/1809 -

5. Nancy Rhodes 2/27/1812 -

6. William Rhodes 5/ 3/1814 -

7. Solomon Rhodes 6/12/1817 -

8. Sarah Rhodes 4/21/1819 - 8/19/1910

9. Wesley Washington Rhodes 10/26/1822 - 4/ 8/1909

10. Rebecca Rhodes 3/11/1824 -

11. Benjamin Franklin Rhodes 8/24/1827 - 4/20/1895

12. Agnes Caroline Rhodes 1830 -

They lived in the Haymeadow community in Wilkes Co, NC. At the time of his death, John Rhodes, Jr. owned 826
acres of land on Mulberry, Lousey, and Haymeadow Creeks, Reddies River, and Beetree Branch. The land went to his
children not long before he died.13

Although I do not know who was buried there, the Rhodes family cemetery is located on a hill near Cane Creek,
near Dehart Baptist Church.230

The 1810 Wilkes Co census includes the family of John Rhoades with three males (under 10), one male (26-45), one
female (under 10), one female (10-16), one female (16-26), one female (26-45), and one female (over 45).275

The 1820 Wilkes Co census includes the family of John Rhodes with two males (under 10), three males (10-16), one
male (26-45), two females (under 10), one female (16-26), two females (26-45), and one female (over 45).276

The 1830 Wilkes Co census includes the family of John Rhodes with one male (under 5), two males (5-10), two
males (15-20), two males (20-30), one male (40-50), one female (10-15), one female (40-50), and one female

The 1840 Wilkes Co census includes the family of John Rodes in Capt. Shumate's District with one male (10-15), one
male (50-60), one female (20-30), one female (50-60), and one female (90-100).278 Perhaps the older lady is his

The 1850 Wilkes Co census includes this family in house #2017: John Roades (70, miller, born VA), Sarah (69), F.
C. Roberts (2, male). Their real estate was valued at $1,500.279

1. Elizabeth married Willis Walker on 11/30/1826. They are buried at New Covenant Bap Ch.13 While an article13
gives her death date as 9/23/1899, an entry in a family Bible says she died 9/22/1889.211 [b13,211,, d13,211]

2. Elijah married Susan Hall on 12/18/1830.13 He died in Wilkes Co and was buried in Rhodes Cem in the Dehart Community where his father owned land.13 In his will dated 4/18/1877, he left his property to his wife and children.  "He was a farmer and blacksmith by trade and owned sheep, cattle, hogs, and horses and kept bees on his farm." [(1840 Wi, Shumate's)278; (1850 Wi, #879)279; (1860 Wi, Hay Meadow, #62)113,280; (1870 Wi, Walnut Grove, #21)242] [b13, d13]

3. Hiram married Sarah Pardue on 10/20/1838.13 While one source says he died on 2/2/1877, he seems to be listed
in the 1880 census living with Rachel Rhodes (61) whose relationship is not given.281
[(1840 Wi, Shumate's)278; (1860 Wi, Hay Meadow, #99)113,280; (1870 Wi, Walnut Grove, #21)242; (1880 Wi, Walnut
Grove, p56, #120/120)281] [b13, d13]

4. John married Sarah Adams on 8/28/1833.13 However, since John Rhodes, Jr. (20-30) is listed in the 1830 census
with a wife and son, he may have married earlier.
[(1830 Wi)277] [b13]

5. Nancy married William Ellis on 3/18/1826.13 She died before 1857.13
[(1850 Wi, #843)279; (1860 Wi, Traphill, #133)280] [b13]

6. William may have died young.13 [b13]

7. Solomon married Frances Adams on 9/11/1838.13 He was listed as a miller in the 1870 census.242 He kept a
gristmill according to the 1880 census.281 [(1840 Wi, Shumate's)278; (1850 Wi, #880)279; (1870 Wi, Mulberry2, #135)242; (1880 Wi, Mulberry, p67, #122/125)281] [b13,281]

8. Sarah married James d: Tinsley on 12/12/1840.13 They were living with her parents in 1850.279
[(1850 Wi, #175)279; (1860 Wi, Wilkesboro, #755)280; (1870 Wi, Mulberry2, #134)242; (1880 Wi, Mulberry, p68,
#137/140)281] [b13,281, d13]

9. Wesley first married Margaret Adams on 4/30/1840. He married his second wife J. Elizabeth Havener


8/15/1864.13 His wife is Polly (age 40 and 60) in the 1880 and 1900 censuses.281,282 [(1840 Wi, Shumate's)278; (1860 Wi, Haymeadow, #61)280; (1880 Wi, Reddies River, p196, #39/39)281; (1900 Wi, Reddies River, p173A, #109)282] [b13,282, d13]

10. Rebecca may have died young.13 [b13]

11. Benjamin first married Mary Elledge on 2/2/1849.13 He was listed as a farmer/blacksmith in the 1860 census.280
They are listed twice in the 1870 census.242 He married his second wife Alice M. Walker on 10/14/1878.13 He was
listed with a broken leg in the 1880 census.281
[(1850 Wi, #2018)279; (1860 Wi, Hay Meadow, #63)280; (1870 Wi, Mulberry2, #11 & 33)242; (1880 Wi, Mulberry,
p75, #287/292)281] [b13, d13]

12. Agnes may have died young.13 [b13]

In May 1857, the family of John Rhodes, Jr, met on the premises of the deceased to divide up his land as equally as
possible. His land was divided up into ten lots as follows:

Lot 1: 66 acres near Cane Creek to John Ellis, Henry Ellis, Anderson Ellis, Rebecca (Ellis) and her husband John
Dinning, Daniel Ellis, Franklin Ellis, Aggy Ellis, Polly Ellis, Sally Ellis, and Nancy Ellis.
Lot 2: 57 acres near Cane Creek to Elijah Rhodes.
Lot 3: 40 acres near Cane Creek to Benjamin Rhodes.
Lot 4: 69 acres near Cane Creek to Wesley Rhodes.
Lot 5: 61 acres near Cane Creek to John Rhodes.
Lot 6: 115 acres near Cane Creek to Sarah and her husband James d: Tinsley.
Lot 7: 113 acres to William Rhodes.
Lot 8: 147 acres to Elizabeth and her husband Willis Walker.
Lot 9: 222 acres to Solomon Rhodes.
Lot 10: 236 acres to Hiram Rhodes.

All lots were determined to be equal except for #8 and #10, so the recipients of those lots were paid an additional $20
to make them equal. The deed was submitted on 6/2/1857. (Wilkes DB T, p69).113

A-13-2 John Rhodes, Sr. (8). John Rhodes, Jr. was the son of John Rhodes, Sr. and Sarah Absher. They had the
following children.13 Ref 13, p401.

1. *John Rhodes, Jr. 9/16/1780 - 4/ /1857
2. Nancy Rhodes
3. Elizabeth Rhodes

They lived in VA before moving to Wilkes Co, NC, in the 1780s.13

The 1787 Wilkes Co census includes John Rhoads in Capt. Judd's District with one male (21-60), two males (under 21,
over 60), and three females.272

John Rhoads is listed in the 1787 Wilkes Co tax list in Capt. Judd's Dist. with one poll and no land.158 In the 1788 tax
list John Rhoads is still in Capt. Judd's Dist. but has one poll and 100 acres.158 The 1789 list for the same district
includes John Rhoads with no polls and 100 acres.158

The only Rhodes family listed in the 1790 Wilkes Co census is that of Sarah Rhodes in the Fourth Company with one
male (under 16) and three females.274

The 1797 tax list for McGrady's District includes Sarah Rhodes with no polls and 100 acres.158

The only Rhodes family listed in the 1800 Wilkes Co census is the family of Sarah Rhodes with one male (16-26), one
female (under 10), one female (10-16), one female (16-26), and one female (over 45).274

1. John, Jr. married Sarah Agnes (Aggy) Jennings on 11/2/1802. He was a miller and a farmer.13 [b13, d13]
2. Nancy. The estate of Nancy Rhodes, deceased, was valued at $177.43 in February 1843 (Wilkes WB 4, p284).79
However, if she ever married, then this would not be her.
3. Elizabeth

John Rhodes, Sr. was born in VA, and died in Wilkes Co, NC, before the 1790 census. His will was dated
8/29/1790, and was proven during the October 1790 term of court. He named his wife Sarah, son John Jr, and
daughters Nancy and Elizabeth.372

On 6/12/1779, Sarah Roades was granted 100 acres on Mulberry Creek by the State of NC. (Wilkes Co DB G&H,
p95).67 I do not know if she is related to this family or not.

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