The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

by Fretwell W. Hoyle - 1865

ARMS. " Azure, on a bend wavy Argent, plain cottised or, a Lion's Gamb proper, between two Acorns of the Field."

CREST. " A dexter cubit Arm erect vested Azure, zure, cuffed Argent charged with an Acorn or, and grasping a Fern Sapling of New Zealand eradicated proper."

MOTTO. " Robur Meum Deus."

PEIGREE. Registered in the, College of Arms, in Book marked " Norfolk XI., fo. 222."

JOHN RHODES, of Kippax, in West Riding of the County of York, died April 14th, 1791, and buried at Kippax, aged 82, leaving issueJoseph Rhodes, hereafter mentioned, and other issue.

JOSEPH RHODES, of Well House, near Micklefield, in the Parish of Sherburn, in the West Riding and County of York, eldest son of the said John Rhodes, was born at Kippax aforesaid, 1751; married at Sherburn, in 1776, to Ann Cawthron, of Sherburn, (who died 1827, and was buried at Hotham, near Cave, in the Wolds, County of York), and by whom he had issue

JOHN RHODES, of Sunk Island, Holderness, County of York, born 13th and baptized 23rd December, 1776, at Sherburn ; married in July, 1796, at Wakefield Old Church, to Ann Coupland : she died in July, 1845, and was buried at Sunk Island aforesaid. He died September 21st, 1859, aged 82, and was buried at Kippax aforesaid.

ANN RHODES, born January 14th, 1779, married at Sherburn to James Coupland, of Micklefield aforesaid. She was buried at Paull, near Hull. S.P. WILLIAM RHODES, of whom hereafter

MARY, born July 10th, 1782 ; baptized at Sherburn ; married there to Robert Coulson, of Kellington, near Pontefract, County of York. He was buried at Kellington aforesaid, leaving issue

THOMAS RHODES, of Hessle, County of York, born November 23rd, 1785; baptized at Sherburn ; married, firstly, Catharine Knapton, who was buried at Paull aforesaid, and afterwards to Sarah Pinnes. He died March, 1863, and was buried at Hessle aforesaid, leaving issue

CATHARINE, born March 18th, 1789; baptized at Sherburn; married there in 1811, to William Coulson, of Milford Hall, County of York. He died September 16th, 1838, in America.

BENJAMIN RHODES, of Micklefield aforesaid, born July 13th, 1792 ; baptized at Sherburn ; married Mary Hawkins, of Sunk Island aforesaid: She died in 1824. He died in America, May 4th, 1856, leaving issue

PHILLIS, born June 23rd, 1794 ; baptized at Sherburn, and married there to John Tidd, formerly of Ashby, near Brigg. She died in August, 1829 buried at Bottersford, near Brigg aforesaid, leaving issue.

The said JOSEPH RHODES, died May 18th, 1830, aged 79, and was buried at Kippax.

WILLIAM RHODES, of Balby, in the West Riding, County of York, formerly of Epworth, County Lincoln, born May 7th, 1781; baptized at Sherburn aforesaid ; married at Epworth, April 15th, 1805, Theodosia Maria, daughter of Robert Heaton, of Epworth, County Lincoln. She died May 27th, 1830, and buried at Bottersford, near Brigg, County Lincoln, having had issue

WILLIAM BARNARD RHODES, of Te Aro House, Wellington, of Heaton Park, Rangitiki, and of the Grange Highland Parkall in the Province of Wellington, in the Colony of New Zealand born at Epworth, May 8th, 1807 ; married at Wellington aforesaid, on May 7th, 1852, Sarah, daughter of John King, of Wellington aforesaid, Solicitor and Notary Public. She died August 3rd, 1862, S.P. Mr. Rhodes is a member of the House of Representatives of New Zealand, member of the Provincial Council of Wellington, and one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said Colony of New Zealand, to whom the Armorial bearings to this Pedigree were granted by Patent, dated the 20th day of October, 1865, and duly enrolled in the College of Arms, in Register marked " Grants" 56, fo 69.

THEODOSIA MARIA, born March 22nd, 1809 ; baptized at Manton, near Brigg aforesaid.

MARGARET, born March 23rd, 1810; baptized at Belton, near Epworth aforesaid.

CAROLINE, born April 22nd, 1811; baptized at Belton aforesaid ; married at Balby, near Doncaster, County York, on February 10th, 1859, to John Littlewood, of Doncaster.

MARY ANN, baptized at Belton aforesaid, July 8th, 1812 ; died November 2nd, following ; buried at Epworth aforesaid.

PETER BARNARD RHODES, of Slade Hooton, near Rotherham, Yorkshire, born August 13th, 1813 ; baptized at Belton aforesaid ; married March 1st, 1849, at Barnby Don, County York, to Hannah, daughter of Thomas Lee, having issue

ANNE MARIA, born December 23rd, 1849; baptized at Epworth aforesaid.

MARY ELIZABETH HEATON, born September 3rd, 1851 ; baptized at Epworth aforesaid.

ROBERT PETER RHODES, born May lot, 1855; baptized at Laughtonen-le-Morthen, near Rotherham, County York.

ROBERT HEATON RHODES, of Purau, Rhodes Bay, in the Province of Canterbury, in the Colony of New Zealand, member of the Provincial Council of Canterbury, born March 9th, 1815 ; baptized at Belton aforesaid ; married at Trinity Church, Lyttelton, Sophia Annet, daughter of Robert Latter, of Lyttelton, in the Colony of New Zealand, one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said Colony, by whom he has issue

SOPHIA THEODOSIA, born January 21st, 1860, in New Zealand ; baptized at Trinity Church, Lyttelton.

ROBERT HEATON RHODES, born February 27th, 1861, in New Zealand; baptized at Trinity Church, Lyttelton.

EDITH MARY, baptized at Trinity Church, Lyttelton.

AMY CLIFFORD, born February 27th, 1864, in New Zealand ; baptized at Trinity Church, Lyttelton.

SON, born July 18th, 1866, at Hawkesbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

GEORGE RHODES, of Plains House, Timaru, in the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand, one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said Colony, born July 14th, 1816; baptized at Epworth aforesaid ; married

Elizabeth, daughter ofJohn Wood, of Harcroft, Retford, County Notts., formerly of Hodsock, near Blyth. He died January 21st, 1864, and was buried at Lyttelton, New Zealand, leaving issue (and of whom a brief memoir appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine for December, 1864). (A). He left issue

ROBERT HEATON RHODES, born May 27th, 1857, in New Zealand; baptized at Epworth Grange, Lyttelton.

Nora (A). GEORGE RHODES, Esq., J. P., June 18, at Parau, Rhodes Bay, Canterbury. New Zealand, aged 47. George Rhodes, Esq., J. P., Plains House, Timm, New Zealand. The deceased was one of the oldest and most successful among the settlers in Canterbury. He was resident in Akaroa on the day when the British flag was hoisted there to take possession of the country in the Queen's name, just in time to anticipate the French representative who had determined on a similar course. In conjunction with his eldest brother, Captain W. b: Rhodes, of Wellington, he farmed on Banks Peninsula, and being afterwards joined by a younger brother from Australia, just before the arrival of the first settlers of the Canterbury Association, he farmed other large tree of country. The brothers together have founded very handsome fortunes, and rank among the "Shepherd Princes" of New Zealand. The landed property they hold, together with the extent of their flocks and herds, can only be imagined by reference to Patriarchal times. He was a Justice of the Peace, and an influential colonist, but seemed to avoid public life. He was a strict and perhaps a stern man of business, of the highest integrity and honour, and when occasion required liberal and charitable to a degree scarcely appreciated by those who met him as strangers. He had been married some years and leaves a widow and several children to inherit his wealth.

On June 28, his mortal remains were interred in the cemetery, at Lyttelton, the funeral being attended by a large number of the most influential of the colonists. The absence of the male members of his family at his decease, may account for his remains not being removed to his own parish, Timaru, where he had lately erected a fine residence, within eight of the lovely scenery of snow clad, summits of the Southern ales. A consistent and earnest member of the Church of England. His loss will be felt far and wide beyond the limits of his family circle.Gentlman's Magazine, December, 1864.

ARTHUR EDGAR GRAVENOR RHODES, born March 20th, 1859, in New Zealand ; baptized at Epworth Grange, Lyttelton.

ADA AROWENUA, born December 23rd, 1861, at Rotherham, Yorkshire.

GEORGE HAMPTON RHODES, born February 13th, 1862, in New Zealand ; baptized at Plains House, aforesaid.

ERNEST TIMARU RHODES, born September 25th, 1864, in New Zealand ; baptized at Epworth Grange aforesaid.

MARY ANNE, born September 26th, 1817 ; baptized at Belton aforesaid.

JOHN WHITTAKER RHODES, of Doncaster aforesaid, born May 15th, 1819 ; baptized at Belton aforesaid; maried October 24th, 1843, at Doncaster, Sophia, daughter of John Ravenhill, of Doncaster. He died October 3rd, 1862, and was buried at Balby, leaving issue.

JOSEPH RHODES, of Clive Grange, in the Province of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said Colony ; Member of the Provincial Council, and Deputy Superintendent of the said Province of Hawkes Bay ; born August 25th, 1826; baptized at Broughton, County Lincoln ; married at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, N. S. W., daughter of James Reed, and has issue

CAROLINE FANNY, born March 20th, 1849 ; baptized at Balmaine, Sydney, N. S. W.

ISABELLA MATILDA, born December 28th, 1850; baptized at Balmaine aforesaid.

JOSEPH BARNARD RHODES, baptized at Balmaine aforesaid.

ROBERT HEATON RHODES, born April 22nd, 1855, in New Zealand; baptized at Clive Church, Hawkes Bay.

WILLIAM BARNARD RHODES, born September 19th, 1858, in New Zealand ; baptized at Clive Church aforesaid.

CLIVE HENRY ERNEST RHODES, born August 23rd, 1860, in New Zealand ; baptized at Clive Church aforesaid.

FRANK RHODES, born September 7th, 1862, in New Zealand; baptized at Clive Church aforesaid.

FANNY, born May 25th, 1864, in New Zealand ; baptized at Clive Church aforesaid, and died an infant.

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