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Jackson County, West Virginia



Matches 701 to 717 of 717

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
701 Westfall, Alice  Abt 1874Jackson County, West Virginia I298 RhodesChris1830 
702 Westfall, Alice  11 Nov 1876Jackson County, West Virginia I706 RhodesChris1830 
703 Westfall, Henry L  Abt 1877Jackson County, West Virginia I300 RhodesChris1830 
704 Westfall, Jackson  Abt 1834Jackson County, West Virginia I295 RhodesChris1830 
705 Westfall, James Roy  22 Feb 1878Jackson County, West Virginia I1355 RhodesChris1830 
706 Westfall, Janettie  Jun 1874Jackson County, West Virginia I711 RhodesChris1830 
707 Westfall, Jasper  Abt 1872Jackson County, West Virginia I297 RhodesChris1830 
708 Westfall, John  Abt 1878Jackson County, West Virginia I301 RhodesChris1830 
709 Westfall, Malinda  31 Jul 1882Jackson County, West Virginia I805 RhodesChris1830 
710 Westfall, Martha  Abt 1871Jackson County, West Virginia I296 RhodesChris1830 
711 Westfall, Martha Bell  Jul 1893Jackson County, West Virginia I1300 RhodesChris1830 
712 Westfall, Martha Isabell  Nov 1875Jackson County, West Virginia I1172 RhodesChris1830 
713 Westfall, Nora Belle  Aug 1880Jackson County, West Virginia I1229 RhodesChris1830 
714 Windle, Elsa O 'Elsie'  Aug 1879Jackson County, West Virginia I633 RhodesChris1830 
715 Wolfe, Mary Jane  Oct 1848Jackson County, West Virginia I353 RhodesChris1830 
716 Wolfe, Virginia Margaret  11 Jun 1887Jackson County, West Virginia I937 RhodesChris1830 
717 Yates, Virginia Lee  1909Jackson County, West Virginia I1579 RhodesChris1830 

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