The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Craft, Kathryn  Abt 1906Ohio I87473 RhodesFamily 
2 Craft, Kathryn  Abt 1906Ohio I8445 RhodesFamily 
3 Dunlap, Mary Ellen  Oct 1854Ohio I6008 RhodesFamily 
4 Elkins, Elvina  Abt 1832Ohio I5021 RhodesFamily 
5 Elkins, Lewis  Oct 1819Ohio I5030 RhodesFamily 
6 Elkins, Lewis  Oct 1819Ohio I5062 RhodesFamily 
7 Good, Abraham  5 Aug 1832Ohio I4447 RhodesFamily 
8 Good, John Alexander  29 Apr 1836Ohio I4448 RhodesFamily 
9 Goodrich, Joyce Marie   I4852 RhodesFamily 
10 Harding, William Highest  May 1863Ohio I59481 RhodesFamily 
11 Harding, William Highest  May 1863Ohio I8001 RhodesFamily 
12 Harmison, Isaac W.  22 Apr 1842Ohio I5426 RhodesFamily 
13 Hattery, Mary Kathryn  1826Ohio I3812 RhodesFamily 
14 Hill, Mary Ann  1826Ohio I3744 RhodesFamily 
15 Hughes, Claude H.  Abt 1884Ohio I5547 RhodesFamily 
16 Kilgore, Margaret D.  Abt 1907Ohio I87471 RhodesFamily 
17 Kilgore, Margaret D.  Abt 1907Ohio I8443 RhodesFamily 
18 Kilgore, Mildred  Abt 1911Ohio I87472 RhodesFamily 
19 Kilgore, Mildred  Abt 1911Ohio I8444 RhodesFamily 
20 Kilgore, Zelvia Clifton Jr.  28 Mar 1930Ohio I87474 RhodesFamily 
21 Kilgore, Zelvia Clifton Jr.  28 Mar 1930Ohio I8446 RhodesFamily 
22 Kuykendall, Sarah  Abt 1820Ohio I5161 RhodesFamily 
23 Lammond, Alvaro  1860Ohio I4174 RhodesFamily 
24 Lammond, Levi  1853Ohio I4172 RhodesFamily 
25 Margaret  Abt 1905Ohio I87477 RhodesFamily 
26 Margaret  Abt 1905Ohio I8447 RhodesFamily 
27 Martin, Henry  Abt 1823Ohio I6299 RhodesFamily 
28 McMaster, Lydia A.  Abt Jul 1855Ohio I5023 RhodesFamily 
29 Mooney, Mary Ann  8 Apr 1861Ohio I5440 RhodesFamily 
30 Snyder, Nancy Ellen  3 Oct 1849Ohio I3737 RhodesFamily 
31 Snyder, Sarah Elizabeth  22 May 1846Ohio I3749 RhodesFamily 
32 Snyder, William R.  Between 1851 and 1854Ohio I3760 RhodesFamily 
33 Strayer, Addie Belle  26 Apr 1890Ohio I3991 RhodesFamily 
34 Susan  1854Ohio I5744 RhodesFamily 
35 Thomas, Eli  6 Sep 1811Ohio I6115 RhodesFamily 
36 Thomas, Jeremiah  19 Jan 1828Ohio I5029 RhodesFamily 
37 Thomas, Rachel  Abt 1839Ohio I18629 RhodesFamily 
38 Thomas, Rachel  Abt 1839Ohio I7314 RhodesFamily 
39 Thomas, Rachel R.  Sep 1828Ohio I5039 RhodesFamily 
40 Williams, John Henry  30 Sep 1855Ohio I4194 RhodesFamily 
41 Willits, Jean   I4006 RhodesFamily 
42 Willits, Walter Glenn  19 Jul 1888Ohio I4002 RhodesFamily 
43 Wiser, Amanda  Feb 1846Ohio I81958 RhodesFamily 
44 Wiser, Amanda  Feb 1846Ohio I8270 RhodesFamily 
45 Yoder, Ernest Leroy  8 Aug 1885Ohio I4008 RhodesFamily 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harmison, John Hustan  3 Jan 1918Ohio I59511 RhodesFamily 
2 Harmison, John Hustan  3 Jan 1918Ohio I8031 RhodesFamily 

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