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Marshall County, IN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowell, Bell  Abt 1873Marshall County, IN I158 RhodesFamily 
2 Farrer, Donna Jo   I804 RhodesFamily 
3 Gerard, Balis Foley  2 Mar 1853Marshall County, IN I1068 RhodesFamily 
4 Gerard, Jonathan Charles  Abt 1857Marshall County, IN I1069 RhodesFamily 
5 Grove, Amy Jo   I824 RhodesFamily 
6 Hueni, Michelle "Shelly" Renee   I803 RhodesFamily 
7 Leland, Estella  Abt 1874Marshall County, IN I407 RhodesFamily 
8 Lozier, Verda Elizabeth   I794 RhodesFamily 
9 Nichols, Clora M.  Abt 1872Marshall County, IN I166 RhodesFamily 
10 Nichols, Ida M.  Abt 1865Marshall County, IN I164 RhodesFamily 
11 Nichols, Oscor E.  Abt 1862Marshall County, IN I163 RhodesFamily 
12 Rhodes, Albert Elias  Aug 1879Marshall County, IN I411 RhodesFamily 
13 Rhodes, Alta M.  Abt 1874Marshall County, IN I394 RhodesFamily 
14 Rhodes, Angiline E.  Abt 1877Marshall County, IN I384 RhodesFamily 
15 Rhodes, Arthur C.  Jan 1877Marshall County, IN I177 RhodesFamily 
16 Rhodes, Bessie  Abt 1893Marshall County, IN I417 RhodesFamily 
17 Rhodes, Cora  Sep 1883Marshall County, IN I413 RhodesFamily 
18 Rhodes, Cora Alice  2 Mar 1878Marshall County, IN I4690 RhodesFamily 
19 Rhodes, Effie L.  Abt 1879Marshall County, IN I393 RhodesFamily 
20 Rhodes, Harold  Marshall County, IN I414 RhodesFamily 
21 Rhodes, Isaac  1 Feb 1855Marshall County, IN I380 RhodesFamily 
22 Rhodes, Isaac C.  Abt 1893Marshall County, IN I418 RhodesFamily 
23 Rhodes, Jacob F.  Jun 1882Marshall County, IN I412 RhodesFamily 
24 Rhodes, James  8 Jun 1873Marshall County, IN I151 RhodesFamily 
25 Rhodes, Jesse L.  26 Mar 1855Marshall County, IN I147 RhodesFamily 
26 Rhodes, John Wesley  23 Sep 1869Marshall County, IN I150 RhodesFamily 
27 Rhodes, Lizzie  Marshall County, IN I415 RhodesFamily 
28 Rhodes, Mally  Marshall County, IN I416 RhodesFamily 
29 Rhodes, Nellie Etta  20 Aug 1876Marshall County, IN I4697 RhodesFamily 
30 Rhodes, Pearl E.  Jun 1881Marshall County, IN I176 RhodesFamily 
31 Rhodes, Richard  17 Feb 1861Marshall County, IN I422 RhodesFamily 
32 Rhodes, Susan  Abt 2 Dec 1853Marshall County, IN I25 RhodesFamily 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Sarah Ann  13 Nov 1884Marshall County, IN I175 RhodesFamily 
2 Buck, Charles William  3 Sep 1910Marshall County, IN I4383 RhodesFamily 
3 Garrard, Nathaniel  25 Sep 1854Marshall County, IN I79 RhodesFamily 
4 Gerard, Balis Foley  12 Jan 1900Marshall County, IN I1068 RhodesFamily 
5 Gerrard, George W.  9 Apr 1874Marshall County, IN I250 RhodesFamily 
6 Gerrard, Margaret Jane  19 Apr 1897Marshall County, IN I254 RhodesFamily 
7 Gerrard, Sinahannah H.  Abt 1851-1852Marshall County, IN I257 RhodesFamily 
8 Harmison, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1856Marshall County, IN I179 RhodesFamily 
9 Rhodes, Basil Willard  23 Jan 1945Marshall County, IN I148 RhodesFamily 
10 Rhodes, Jesse L.  16 Apr 1890Marshall County, IN I147 RhodesFamily 
11 Rhodes, Richard  13 Jul 1864Marshall County, IN I422 RhodesFamily 
12 Roberts, Sarah  30 Dec 1858Marshall County, IN I265 RhodesFamily 
13 Rogers, Susannah  1856Marshall County, IN I80 RhodesFamily 
14 Short, Gideon  1915Marshall County, IN I387 RhodesFamily 
15 Thomas, Ira  1 Mar 1872Marshall County, IN I174 RhodesFamily 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blakely / Gerrard  30 Jan 1845Marshall County, IN F155 RhodesFamily 
2 Cormican / Cart  18 Oct 1863Marshall County, IN F932 RhodesFamily 
3 Cormican / Karnes  22 Oct 1865Marshall County, IN F925 RhodesFamily 
4 Cormican / Mullen  20 Oct 1872Marshall County, IN F930 RhodesFamily 
5 Cormican / Mullen  3 Dec 1874Marshall County, IN F928 RhodesFamily 
6 Cormican / Williams  4 Feb 1861Marshall County, IN F922 RhodesFamily 
7 Countryman / Gerard  12 Aug 1869Marshall County, IN F47 RhodesFamily 
8 Elder / Gerard  16 Aug 1849Marshall County, IN F29 RhodesFamily 
9 Farris / Gerrard  6 Jul 1851Marshall County, IN F156 RhodesFamily 
10 Feeser / Cormican  26 Apr 1877Marshall County, IN F924 RhodesFamily 
11 Flora / Cormican  9 Dec 1875Marshall County, IN F927 RhodesFamily 
12 Gerard / Bass  31 Mar 1861Marshall County, IN F446 RhodesFamily 
13 Gerard / Beatty  3 Nov 1872Marshall County, IN F2 RhodesFamily 
14 Gerard / Severns  16 Nov 1879Marshall County, IN F449 RhodesFamily 
15 Gerard / Tyler  7 Jul 1879Marshall County, IN F450 RhodesFamily 
16 Gerrard / Burden  12 May 1850Marshall County, IN F148 RhodesFamily 
17 Gerrard / Burden  5 Oct 1865Marshall County, IN F144 RhodesFamily 
18 Gerrard / Conaha  16 Feb 1860Marshall County, IN F143 RhodesFamily 
19 Gerrard / Gerard  17 Feb 1858Marshall County, IN F158 RhodesFamily 
20 Gerrard / Lewis  20 Oct 1867Marshall County, IN F149 RhodesFamily 
21 Gerrard / Martin  20 Aug 1863Marshall County, IN F159 RhodesFamily 
22 Gerrard / Stroup  23 Nov 1869Marshall County, IN F150 RhodesFamily 
23 Gordon / Rhodes  15 Mar 1896Marshall County, IN F206 RhodesFamily 
24 Lerey / Gerard  24 Jul 1859Marshall County, IN F33 RhodesFamily 
25 Morris / Gerrard  20 Nov 1857Marshall County, IN F160 RhodesFamily 
26 Rhodes / Cox  27 Apr 1869Marshall County, IN F20 RhodesFamily 
27 Rhodes / Lee  6 May 1886Marshall County, IN F104 RhodesFamily 
28 Rhodes / Sheer  3 Jul 1875Marshall County, IN F22 RhodesFamily 
29 Rhodes / Williams  5 Mar 1854Marshall County, IN F13 RhodesFamily 
30 Shirley / Cormican  15 Nov 1849Marshall County, IN F931 RhodesFamily 
31 Thomas / Thomas  4 Apr 1903Marshall County, IN F102 RhodesFamily 

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