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"Marriages of Virginia, Early to 1800" shows year as 1789

Rockbridge Co Marriage Bonds:
Know all Men by these Presents that George Rhoads Jacob Roof & Jacob Hivley
are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia in the just and full sum of fifty Pounds currency to the payment whereof well and truly to be made we do bind ourselves our heirs Executors and Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these Presents sealed with out seals and dated this Third day of January 1788
The condition of this obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be solomnized between the above bound George Rhoads & Susanna Peters both of Rockbridge County - - -
If therefore there shall be no lawful caust to obstruct said marriage then the avove obligation to be void or else to remain in full force.
Test Geo (his mark) Rhodes
Jacob ___
Jacob Nivley

You are hereby desired (?) to grant license to the bearer hereof George Roads, to marry with my daughter Susanna Peters & this shall be your warrant for the same - 3rd Jany 1788.
Hannah Peters
Pegy Brown
JashsB nesly ???

The Clerk of Rockbridge

1803 Tavern license Rockbridge co. Va.

Census index:
Roads, George VA ROCKBRIDGE CO. 397 1810 12110-2200100
1m 0-10
2m 10-16
1m 16-18
1m 16-26
2f 0-10
2f 10-16
1f 45+

1810 Rockbridge co. Va.
2m 0-10 Alex 1807
2m 10-16 Chris 1792 [m 1816], ?
1m 45-up b 1765
1f 0-10
2f 10-16 Barbara 1799, ?? [the 2 could be a 3, looks like it was overwritten]
1f 16-26 Catherine [m 1815]
1f 26-45

1820 Rockbridge co. Va.
1m 0-10 Abram 1811
1m 10-16 Alex 1807
1m 16-26
1m 45-up
2f 16-26
1f 26-45
1f 45-up

1830 Rockbridge co. Va.
1m 15-20 Abram 1811
1m 50-60
1m 70-80 65? or father??
1f 20-30
1f 50-60

1840 Jackson co. Va. pg 227
2m 0-5
2m 5-10
1m 20-30
1m 70-80 75
1f 0-5
1f 5-10
1f 20-30

Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book T, pp. 256-257. (Abstract)

12 November 1835.
George Rhodes and Susannah his wife of Rockbridge County, VA
to John W. Tygret of Rockbridge County, VA. Tract of land in Gap
Run in Arnolds Valley containing an estimated 80 acres.
Consideration of $150.00.

Beginning at two white oaks and a hickory in Arnolds old line,
South 8 deg, East 98 poles to three white oaks,
South 55, East 120 poles to a white oak and maple by a rock,
North 55, East 100 poles crossing the gap run to 2 white oaks,
North 60 deg, West 210 poles crossing said run to the beginning.

Land with appurtenances.

Signed George Rhodes (x his mark)
Susanna Rhodes (x her mark

Rockbridge County to wit
William Paxton, Jr. and Reuben Grigsby, Justices of the
Peace in the County certified that George Rhodes
acknowledged the deed and desired it to be certified. 12
October 1835.
Signed: William Paxton and R. Grigsby.

Rockbridge County to wit:
William Paxton, Jr. and Reuben Grigsby Justices of the Peace
certify that Susanna Rhodes, wife of George Rhodes, personally
appeared and was privily examined separate and apart from her
husband. She acknowledged the deed and willingly sealed and
delivered the same.
12 October 1835, signed William Paxton, Jr. and R. Grigsby

Clerks Office Rockbridge County, VA.
Certificate produced and acknowledged and admitted to

Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book H, pp. 169-170. (Abstract)

7 September 1812
George Rhodes and Susanna his wife of Rockbridge County, VA to Philip Keller
of Rockingham County, VA. For 900 pounds current money of Virginia, sold 150
acres in Rockbridge County, VA.

Beginning at 2 small hickories corner to William Lyle,
With Lyle's line South 33 deg, West 175 poles to a white oak corner to sd. Lyle,
With Alexander McCluer's line, South 69 deg, East 153 poles to a small white
oak corner to sd. McCluer.
North 23 deg, East with Joseph Russell's line 164 poles to a stake near a

walnut and white oak corner to James Dougherty.
With Doughterty's line, North 69 deg, West 125 poles to the beginning.

Land with appurtenances. Grantees will warrant and forever defend the title.

George Rhodes (x his mark)
Susanna Rhodes (x her mark)

John P. Lee
John McCleland
[a name signed in German]
Benjamin Whealiss

Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book H, pp. 170-171. (Abstract)

The Commonwealth of Virginia to Robert White and John McCleland Gentlemen
Justices of Rockbridge County.
George Rhodes and Susanna his wife sold 7 September 1812 to Philip Keller 150
acres in Rockbridge County. Susanna cannot conveniently travel to the
Courthouse to make acknowledgement of the deed. The aforementioned justices are
to go to Susanna and privately examine her separate and apart from her husband.
She was privily examined and acknowledged that she freely and voluntarily
without persuasion or threats make the indenture.
Dated 7 September 1812.

Signed Robert White
John McCleland

John House names other sons as Greg and Ben, in article written after interview with Abraham Litton. 
Family F70
'History of Harper District' says he was married to Bettie Tolley

Westfall, W 24 (w) Jackson
Tolley, Mary E 15 Jackson
Nathan & M
J & J 2 June 1872

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
Wm. R. WESTFALL Self M M W 35 WV
Mary E. WESTFALL Wife F M W 22 WV
Nettie WESTFALL Dau F S W 6 WV

1900 Jackson Co WV Census #68
William Westfall head Nov/1847 52 M 28y WVWVWV farmer
Mary E. wife Apr/1859 41 M 28y 9-8 WVWVWV
Noah son Dec/1880 19 S WVWVWV farm laborer
Okey son Aug/1885 14 s WVWVWV
Esta I dau Dec/1887 14 S WVWVWV at school
Leota dau Mar/1893 & S WVWVWV
Santonia dau Apr/1895 5 S WVWVWV

1910 Washington, Jackson, WV
Westfall, William R 58 m2 34y
Mary E 50 m1 34y 10-9 children
Esta 22
Leota 18
M Tony dau 15
George L 8
Estal gs 5

1920 Washington, Jackson, WV
Westfall, Mary E 55 wd
Leoda 27
Tona 24 dau
Leonard 18
Westfall, Wavie 9 gd
Anderson, Ruby 6 gd
Coon, Esta 1 gd 
Family F300
1/29/1816, sold propery on Buckhannon River, moved west to (later Jackson county).

Casto, George VA MASON CO. 121 1820

1830 Mason Co, VA
3 m 0-4 Nick, David, James
1m 5-9 George
1m 15-19 John
1m 40-49
1f 5-9 Betty
3f 10-14 Polly, Pheobe, Sarah
1f 40-49
1f 70-79

1840 Jackson Co, VA
1m 5-10 Joel
3m 10-15 Nick, David, James
1m 15-20 George
1m 50-60
1f 5-10 Matilda -- where's Louisa?
1f 15-20 Betty
1f 40-50

1850 Jackson Co, VA # 352-356
Casto Sarah 56 F Va
Casto James 20 M Farmer Va
Casto Joel 15 M Farmer Va
Casto Matilda 16 F Va
Casto David 23 M Farmer Va
Casto Sarah 19 F Va

1860 Jackson Co, VA # 1017-955
Sarah 68
Matilda 24

JCWR: pg 337
wife Sarah, sons Nicholas, David G, James C, Joel, George Jr, grandson David casto
probated 10/27/1845
pg 338

History of Mason Co, WV 1987
George Casto:
says parents of Sarah were John Godfrey and Anna Maria Weatherholt Ours

John House, "Pioneers of Jackson Co"
The next cabin was that of George Casto, who moved from the Salt Lick farm about the 1820's. His history is given elsewhere in this history.

George Casto was a brother-in-law of Stephen Westfall, whose sister had been his first wife. 
Family F25
11 Feb 1905 - Loyd PARSONS name on license
Rhodes, Mattie Lee 22 born Jackson Co./residing Jackson Co. [son of Robert R. & Mary Ellen (Casto) Rhodes]
Parsons, Ora D. 15 born Jackson Co./residing Jckson Co. [dau of George W. & Elizabeth S. (Reed )Parsons]

1920 Jackson Co census, transcribed by Betty McIntyre:
Staats Mills Prec of Washington Dist #25-25
Rhodes, Mattie L, 39, hoh
Ora D, 28, wife
Ava L, 14, dau
Amy I, 12, dau
Delbert W, 9, son
Alma B, 6, dau
Ima E, 2.1, dau

1930 Jackson co WV Washington Dist 13 # 66-66
Rhodes, Mattie 50 m age 24
Ora D 39 m age 14
Ima 12
Gladys 9
Ivy M 4 6/12
Geraldine 2 2/12 
Family F318
1800 Ripley, Jackson, West Virginia
Andrew ANDERSON Self M M W 27 MO
Occ: Farmer Fa: VA Mo: VA
Malissa J. ANDERSON Wife F M W 22 WV
Occ: Keeping House Fa: WV Mo: WV
Albert ANDERSON Son M S W 7 WV
James M. ANDERSON Son M S W 2 WV

1900 Ripley Dist, Jackson, WV # 141-149
Andrew J, 2/1851, 49m, 31y
Malissa J, wife, 8/1852, 47m, 31y, 11-10
Albert J, sn, 2/1873
James M, sn, 2/1878
George W, sn, 7/1882
Benjamin F, sn, 10,/1884
Susan, da, 6/1887
Arthela J, da, 2/1889
Okey, sn, 2/1892
[This transcription shows all born in WV, except Albert shows father born in MO - very inconsistent] 
Family F323
1810 Botetourt Co
William Anderson Sr [there is also a Wm Jr and a Major William w/11 people]
1m 0-10
1m 10-16
1m 16-26 [Alex - married in 1815]
1m 45+
1f 10-16 [Sarah]
1f 16-26 [Martha - just married in Mar]
1f 45+
Wm Jr 1m 16-26, 1f 16-26 - is this their Willam or a nephew, etc?

Rockbridge Co Marriages:
Anderson, Wm.
McCampbell, Nancy
Bondsman: McCampbell, James
Date: 2 Apr1779
jpeg # 1779-018.

Botetourt County Will Book C, pg 341
William Anderson
daughter Sally Anderson
son Samuel Stuart Barber Anderson
sons Alexander Anderson and William Anderson -200 a lying on Uglys Creek a branch Dunlop Creek branches of Jackson River, Bath County Virginia to be equally divided between the said Alexander and William Anderson

Codicil: 5/4/1821
my wife Nancy Anderson the negro woman Bettey Wiath

Recorded - Botetourt February Court 1822

Nancy will written 12/29/1827 - names Archibald Skidmore, executor, listed a daughter Martha Rhodes to receive a negro boy named David and daughter Sarah Skidmore one negro woman named Betty and her children Will and Jacob.

There are 2 William Andersons in the 1794 Botetourt County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List :
1st District:
Anderson, Thomas, 1 white, 5 horses
Anderson, John, 1 white, 2 horses
Andersons in 2nd District:
Anderson, James, 1 white 16+
Anderson, William, 1 white, 2 black 16+, 3 horses ??
Anderson, Alexr., 1 white, 1 horse
Anderson, William, 1 white, 4 horses
Anderson, James, 1 white, 1 horse
Anderson, William, 1 white, 1 horse
Anderson, Dubartus, 1 white, 2 horses
Anderson, Thomas, 1 white, 5 horses
Anderson, Robert, 2 whites 16+, 4 horses
Anderson, Joseph, 1 white, 1 horse 
Family F53
1810 Botetourt Co, VA
Christ.r Roads
5m 16-25
1m 26-44
1m 45+
2f 16-25
1f 45+

1820 Botetourt Co VA
Christian Rhodes
3m 26-45
2m 45+
2f 26-45
5 in agriculture

1830 Botetourt Co VA
Christopher Rhodes
3m 30-40
1m 40-50
1m 100+
2f 10-15
1f 20-30
1f 40-50
1f 50-60 
Family F122
1820 Mason Co VA [first marriage?]
Rhodes, Samuel
1m 26-45
2f 0-10
1f 16-26

1830 Rockbridge Co VA
Rhodes, Sam.l
1m 0-5
1m 20-30
1f 5-10
1f 20-30

1840 Jackson Co
2m 0-5 John, James but both s/b 5-10
1m 40-50
1m 60-70
3f 0-5 Marg, Martha, Sally
1f 15-20
1f 30-40
1f 50-60

1850 Jackson county census (p 63) #450-455 8/27/1850
Rodes Samuel 60 M Farmer Va can't r/w
Rodes Parthenia 39 F Va Can't r/w
Rodes John 19 M Farmer Va att sch
Rodes James 16 M Farmer Va att sch
Rodes Margaret 13 F Va
Rodes Martha 13 F Va
Rodes Sally A 11 F Va
Rodes Isum 8 M Va
Rodes Virgil 6 M Va
Rodes Eliza 3 F Va
Rodes Margaret 62 F Va

1880 Roane Co
Rhodes, Parthena 69 mother Va, living with John W
Rhodes- Parthena 70 mother in law WV, l/w Andrew & Mary Chancey

Sims Index
40a Cows Run, 1844, bk 2, pg 74
350 a 13 Mi Creek, 1844, Bk 2, pg 73
Sue Moore has also:
10 maybe LOUISA 1820/25
11 David 1824 md 1/26/1843 Jackson co. VA to Nancy SInclair
a George Alexander 12/24/1845 md 5/3/1870 Mary A. Bates 2nd 1881 Harrriet Spencer
b James M. 1844
c John F. 1849

Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book R, p. 407

28 Aug 1832, John Tolley of the 1st part, Henry McCorkle of the

2nd part, Samuel Rhodes of the 3rd part.
John Tolley indebted to Samuel Rhodes for $107.85 note, with
Joseph Tolley as his security, payable 1 Dec next to Henry McCorkle,
1 black cow, 1 red cow, 1 white cow and 1 red or fleck cow, crop of
corn growing on land which Tolley resides property of Robert
Houston, 16 or 20 acres.
If the above debt is not paid corn to be sold, if that doesn't
cover the debt the cows are to be sold. If debt is paid this
indenture is to be void. 
Family F101
1820 Mason Co VA ??
Rhodes, Benjamin
1m 10-16
3m 16-26
1m 45+
1f 10-16
1f 26-45

1840 Jackson Co
3m 5-10 Sam, Doc, Chris
3m 10-15 John, Dan, Ben
1m 50-60 57y
1f 0-4 Leticia
1f 15-20 Mary
1f 40-50

1850 Jackson Co, VA pg 63 - #449-450 8/27/1850
Rodes Benj 67 M Farmer Va
Rodes Mary A 27 F Ky
Rodes John 21 M Farmer Ky
Rodes Christopher, 19 M Farmer Ky
Rodes Doctor D 17 M Farmer Ky
Rodes Samuel 15 M Ky
Rodes Letitia J 12 F Va
1850 Jackson Co VA Mortality Sch
Rhodes, Nancy, 52, F, May, KY, fever

1860 Jackson County
pg 32 # 296-273
Rhodes, Christopher, 29, farmer, 1200-150, KY
John, 31, KY
Mary A, 39, KY
Jane, 22, KY

John House:
Ben Rhodes was twice married, but I did not learn the names of these wives. His children were:
Peter Rhodes, went to California.
Mathias Rhodes, married a Parsons.
Joe Rhodes, lived on the old home farm.
Ben Rhodes, married first Patty Parsons, who died, and he later married Hannah, daughter of John P. Parsons.
John Rhodes, married a Hamilton. He died on Elk Fork in 1910 or 1911, aged eighty four years.
Christopher Rhodes, married first Sarah Bowles, and later Mary Rollins, widow of John Rollins, whose maiden name was Straley.
Mary Ann Rhodes, married a Hammond, and went west.
Jane Rhodes, married a Smith and lived on Kentuck.
Sam Rhodes married a Hammond, and lived on the Flesher farm at Ripley.
D.D. Rhodes, married Prudence V. Casto, daughter of John R. Casto. She was born in 1836, and died in 1907. They had eight children.

Jackson County, West Virginia - Rhoads Cemetery

Submitted by Jeanie Rhodes , February, 1999

This cemetery is just behind the Middle School. We transcribed the last 5 stones and did a quick drawing of the cemetery. The rest of the stones were bulldozed into a ditch and covered over years ago.

The above is a reference to the RHOADS CEMETERY in Ripley, Jackson County, WV.
The remaining stones are:

1) Benjamin Rhoads / died Nov. 12, 1851 in the / 67th year of his age. (NOTE:
The original stone is weathered and standing upright. At its base is a new
granite stone with the same inscription. The new stone was added in June of

2) Nancy, wife of B. Rhoads. / died Sept. 20, 1849 in the 53rd year of her age. (NOTE: The original stone is weathered and standing upright. At its base is a new granite stone with the same inscription. The new stone was added in June of 1998.--JLR)

3) Blank stone on the ground. (from the family record of Mark Rhodes, this
stone once read: William Rhoads, son of B & N. Rhoads / died 1844 in the 20th year of his age.)

4) M. R. (small, rough stone, upright)

5) Blank, small, rough, upright stone)

You may list me as the contact on this cemetery and if there are questions I can't answer, I will forward them to Mr. Rhodes (above).

I hope this helps someone.
Jeanie Rhodes 
Family F60
1820 Russell Co, VA
Harper, John
2 m 0-10
1m 26-45
1f 0-10
1f 26-45
1 in agriculture
no slaves

1840 Kanawha Co, VA
Jno Harper
1m 0-5 Andrew
3m 5-10 Geo, Lewis, Enoch
1m 10-15 James
1m 15-20 Asa
2m 20-30
1m 50-60
1f 0-5 Ada
2f 5-10 Jane, Martha
1f 10-15 Eliza
1f 40-50

1850 Kanawha Co VA Dist 29 # 1289
John Harper 62
Rachel 56
Enoch 21
Lewis 16
Adaline 14
Jackson 11
Susan 8

1860 Roane, VA #888-888 all born Va
John Harper Snr 72 1500-225
Rachel 29
Isaac 19

1870 Roane Co WV
John Harper Sr 72
Rachel 69
Isaac 19

JC Cemeteries, vol 2,
John Harper, d 9/30/1852, aged 62y, B Rockbridge co, VA 
Family F180
1830 Mason Co
Joseph Stout
2m 1-4
1m 5-9 Tommy
1m 30-39 Joe
1f 1-4
1f 5-9
2f 10-14 Sarah [1815] Maria [1818]
1f 30-39 Patsy

1840 Jackson Co, VA
1m 0-5 Charles
1m 15-20 Tommy
1m 20-30
1m 40-50
1f 5-10 Mazilla [2]
1f 10-15 Mary [8] marks in wrong boxes?
1f 40-50

1850 Jackson, VA, page 64, # 458-463
Stout Nancy 51 F Va
Stout Mary 15 (18?) F Va
Stout Charles 14 M Va
Stout Marsilla 12 F Va
Stout Wilson 10 M Va
Stout Henry 5 M Va

1860 Jackson, VA, # 302-278
Stout, Mercy, 62
Mazilla, 22
Wilson, 20
Henry, 15
Carney, Mary, 85 . . . .all born VA

1870 Jackson, WV # 73-73 living with Mazilla and James Lester pg 90
Stout, Mercy, 72

John House says Mercy's name is Mizraim, and a daughter married George Stewart

JCWR, Joseph Stout, Appraisal 12/21/1848 
Family F39
1830 Mason, VA
Joseph Rhodes
1m 5-10
1m 20-30
2f 0-5
1f 5-10
1f 10-15
1f 20-30

1840 Jackson Co, WV ??
Joseph Rhodes
2m 0-5
1m 15-20
1m 40-50
1f 0-5
2f 10-15
1f 15-20
1f 40-50
1m 0-5
1m 20-30
1f 20-30

1850 Jackson Co WV # 78-81 Aug 1, 1850
Rhodes Joseph 49 or 44 M Farmer Va
Rhodes Sarah 33 F Va
Rhodes Paulina 16 F Va
Rhodes Mary E 10 F Va
Rhodes Rachel 9 F Va
Rhodes Charity 7 F Va
Rhodes Nancy 5 F Va
Rhodes May H 3 F Va
Rhodes Matthew 2/12 [he is listed as the hoh in the next family, which was Joseph's brother Mathias]

1860 Roane Co WV
Joseph Rhodes 44
Sarah 36
Charity 16
Nancy 13
Wm 6
Mary A 10
David 3

1870 Harper, Roane Co WV
Rhodes, Joseph 52 VA
Sarah 46 WV
William 16
Joseph 9

1890 Veterans Schedule
Joseph Rhodes Harper, Roane, West Virginia Private 1863-1864
Pvt, Co K, 13th WVa Inf, 1863-1864 (no dates)
Flat Fork, WV, disability: Lungs

1900 Roane Co Harper Dist # 59
William 4/1854 m 28y WV KY WV
and family
Sarah mother 12/1822 wd 10-6 WV WV NJ

1910 Harper, Roane, WV # 71-72 all WVWVWV
Rhodes, William A H 56 m1- 38y
and family
Sarah mother 88 wd 8-6 children

Rhodes Cemetery, Harmony
Joseph Rhodes (dates unintelligible)
Co K 13th WV Inf (WPA Vet Civil War)
There are several 'Rock only' notations for this cemetery. Many unmarked graves, so Sarah is probably one. William and Synabeth are buried here, and Synabeth's death record states she is buried in WAH Rhodes Cemetery. 
Family F62
1840 Jackson Co VA
2m 0-5 [Allan, David?]
1m 20-30
2f 0-5 [Ann 1837, ?]
1f 20-30

1850 Jackson co, VA 146-150
Parsons Joshua 36 M Farmer Va
Parsons Joanna 37 F Va
Parsons Allen 14 M Va
Parsons Anne E 13 F Va
Parsons David W 11 M Va
Parsons Mary E 7 F Va
Parsons Geo W 5 M Va
Parsons Charles W 3 M Va
Parsons Sarah J 1 F Va

Clark: According to the 1988 Parsons book, Charles W. was a deaf mute as a result of childhood measles. He died Aug. 17, 1929 (unm.).

Joshua, son of John Parsons, married Joanna Stewart, a niece of “Old Billy Stewart”. He was one of the earliest settlers on Seamon Fork, of Reedy. He made the first improvement on the Newhart farm there, about 1847. Later, about 1849, he built near where the old well on the Perry Hall farm at the head of Little Creek stands (John Hall said “Devil Bill” Parsons lived there before Joshua did.) Joshua afterward returned to Grass Lick, and died on Middle Fork of Poca. His children were:
Elizabeth, married Nathan Hill.
Allen, married a Rhodes.
George W., married Sarah J. Rhodes.
Jack (Gen. Jackson), married Delila Burdett.
Benson, married a Green.
Charles, (was deaf).
Sarah Jane.
Analiza, married ‘Preacher” Honaker. 
Family F64
1840 Jackson VA
Joseph Johnson
2m 5-10 William
1m 20-30
1m 40-50
1f 0-5 Louisa
2f 10-15 Rachel
1f 20-30 Margaret
1f 40-50

1850 Jackson Co, WV # 405-409
Jonson Joseph 57 M Farmer N Jersey
Johnson Nancy 52 F Ma
Johnson Rachel J 22 F Ma
Johnson William 16 M Farmer Ma
Johnson Louisa 14 F Ma or Va ? [overwritten]

1860 Jackson, VA # 368 June 23
John Pringle _no age given VA
Margt - no age given VA
Jno G 20 VA
Eliz 18 VA
Elvina 16 VA
Sandusky 13 VA
Milton 11 VA
Roxy A 7 VA
Mazella 13 VA
Joseph Johnson 67 NJ
Arch Skidmore 4 VA

1870 Union, Cabell, WV # 104-104
Johnson, Joseph 77 NJ
Rachel 46 VA
Joseph 16 Va
Mary 18 Va
David 14 Va
Malissey 12 Va
Martha 5 Va
Melvena 4 Va
Burns, Daniel 34 Va 
Family F98
1840 Jackson, VA
1m 0-5
1m 5-10
1m 15-20
1f 10-15
1f 20-30
1f 40-50

1850 Jackson County VA #263-267
Runnels Thos 25 M Farmer Va
Runnels Lucinda 29 F Va
Runnels Wiliam 8 M Va
Runnels Elizabeth C 6 F Va
Runnels Miram M 4 F Va
Runnels Martha J 1 F Va
page 35
Reynolds, Thomas, 25, farmer,
Lucinda, 29, (Rockbridge Co,) VA (Tolley, m Thomas, s/o Reuben R Reynolds, 12/16/40; Reuben R Reynolds, d 1840, Lucinda, d 7/25/1875)
William L, 8 (b 9/13/1841, m Emma D, d/o Joshua & Samantha Runyon Miller, 4/10/66) Jxn
Elizabeth, 6 (M Charles L, s/o Abraham & Eliza Rhodes, 12/18/1862) Jackson Co
Miriam M, 4, Jxn
Martha J, 1, Jxn

Roane Co Marriages

Bishop's History of Roane county:

Thomas Reynolds and his wife Lucinda (Tolly) Reynolds, were among the oldest of the pioneer settlers on lower Spring Creek: Thomas was a son of Reuben Reynolds, of Rockbridge County, Virginia, a soldier of the War of 1812. Thomas Reynolds left two sons, William Lane Reynolds and F. Asbury Holt Reynolds. William L married Emily D, daughter of Joshua and Samantha (Miller) Runnion, of this union one son yet surviving is Joshua Thomas Reynolds, of the City of Spencer, now serving as office deputy of Walter A Carpenter, the sheriff of this county.

Of the several sons and daughters of F Asbury H Reynolds, we here mention Alonzo Silas Reynolds, a resident of the City of Spencer; he has served two terms as justice of the peace for Spencer District, years 1916 to 1924, inclusive; he is now office deputy of Gordie Boyles, the present assessor of the county. 
Family F41
1840 Jackson, VA
John Board
1m 0-5
2m 5-10 Miles & William
2m 10-15 Charles
1f 0-5 Mahala
1f 10-15 Miriam?
1f 15-20 Mary
1f 20-30
1f 30-40

1850 Jackson county, VA census, page 39, # 291-295
Board John 52 M Farmer Pa
Board Nancy 48 F Va
Board Mary 27 F Va
Board William 20 M Farmer Va
Board Miles 17 M Farmer Va
Board Mariam 15 F Va
Board Mahala 13 F Va
Board Margaret 10 F Va
Board Catharine 8 F Va
Board Martha 4 F Va

1860 Jackson, VA # 507-474 - who is this Miriam T, age 8???
John 66
Nancy 57
Mahala 22
Catherine A 17
Martha J 14
Miriam T 8
Could her name be Marian instead of Miriam? Or is she not their daugher?

1870 Jackson, WV, Washington Dist # 45, pg 181,
John is living with Miles
John, 69, PA

John House:
Margaret Bord, married Matthew Cobb.
Mahala Bord, married Hiram Cobb, brother of Matthew. [it was Miriam, not Mahala] 
Family F71
1840 Jackson, VA
John H Tolley [between George Rhodes (70-80) and Alexander Rhodes]
2m 0-5
2m 5-10
1m 30-40
1f 0-5
2f 5-10
1f 30-40

1850 Jackson, VA # 325-329
Tolly Rebecca 44 F Va
Tolly Allison 18 M Farmer Va
Tolly Emily 17 F Va
Tolly Granville 16 M Farmer Va
Tolly Susanna 15 F Va
Tolly Margaret 12 F Va
Tolly David 11 M Va
Tolly Barbara 9 F Va
# 451-456
l/w Christopher & Catherine Rhodes
Gilbert Tolly 13

1860 Jackson, VA # 984
Tolley, Rebecca 56
Susan 22
Gilbert 26 -? This isn't Granville, he is next door
David 29

1870 JC Washington Dist # 101
David 30
Rebecca 60
Susan 24 
Family F266
1840 Jackson, VA
William Anderson
1m 20-30
1f 20-30

1850 Jackson, VA #327-331 8/16/1850 p44
William at #327, living with Alexander and Mahala Edens Rhodes
Anderson Wm 30 M Farmer Va can't r/w
Anderson Alexander 6 M Va 
Family F170
1840 JC
1m 0-5
1m 15-20
1m 20-30
2f 0-5
1f 20-30

1850 Jackson, VA pg 12 88-92
Gandee George 3* M Farmer Va
Gandee Polly 31 F Va
Gandee Uriah 11 M Va
Gandee Lucinda 8 F Va
Gandee Abram 6 M Va
Gandee Anna 4 F Va
Gandee Margaret 1 F Va
Casto Mary J 13 F Va

1860 Roane, WV # 102
Thomas Batten 23
Lucinda 18
George Gandee 44
Uriah 21
Abram 16
Anna 13
Washington 9
Henderson 7
Mary 3
[next is Asa Harper 40]

1870 Harper, Roane, WV all born WV ??? # 167-186
Carpenter, G W 37 June
Jane 31 June
Stephen 14 May
Archibald 13 Dec
William 11 Jul
George 9 Jan
Gandee, G W 53 July
Mary J 11 Aug 
Family F63
1840 JC
2m 5-10 Jackson, Jacob
1m 10-15
1m 15-20
1m 20-30 John
1m 40-50
2f 0-5 Miranda, Jemima
1f 5-10
1f 10-15 Margaret
1f 15-20 Eleanor
1f 30-40

1850 Jackson Co census page 40, # 298-302
Westfall Stephen 58 M Farmer Va
Westfall Elizabeth 48 F Pa
Westfall Jacob 18 M Farmer Va
Westfall Jackson 16 M Farmer Va
Westfall Jemima 14 F Va
Westfall Mannda 12 F Va
Westfall Isaac 10 M Va

1860 JC # 974
Elizabeth & Isaac living with Abraham

John House, " Pioneers of Jackson Co"
Other settlers on Tug Fork

Next was Stephen Westfall. His father was a brother of Zachariah Westfall. He lived here for a space of years and later moved to Elk Fork to a farm three or four miles above the Rader settlement. 
Family F72
1840 JC ?????
2m 5-10
1m 10-15
1m 15-20 ??
1f 0-5
1f 30-40

1850 Jackson, VA pg 64 # 454-459
Rollings Jno M 39 M Farmer Va
Rollings Mary 38 F Pa
Rollings Watson 17 M Farmer Va
Rollings Sarah 13 F Va
Rollings Lucretia 12 F Va
Rollings Delila 11 F Va
Rollings Rebecca 8 F Va
Rollings Lyda 6 F Va
Rollings Louisa 3 F Va
Rollings Phoeba 1 F Va

1860 Jackson, VA # 956-901
Rollins, John M, 48
Mary, 47
Lydia, 16
Louisa, 13
Phoebe, 10

John House: John Rollins, born in 1812, was four years old when they moved to Tug Fork. He married Mary Hannan who lived on Parchment. Their son Watt was born in 1831. A daughter, Louisa, married Clint Morgan. 
Family F102
1840 JC pg 6, second after Wm R Randolph and next to Sarah Green
2m 0-5 John, Alfred
2m 10-15 Alex, Abram
1m 40-50
1f 0-5 Anna
2f 5-10 Cynthia, Emily
1f 15-20
1f 40-50

1850 Jackson county census page 42, # 314-318
Lytten David 57 M Farmer Va
Lytten Barbara 51 F Va
Lytten Alexander 23 M Farmer Va
Lytten Emily A 20 F Va
Lytten Cynthia J 18 F Va
Lytten Alfred 15 M Va
Lytten John 13 M Va
Lytten Anna 12 F Va

1860 JC # 975
David 71
Barbara 70
Alfred 25
Sarah E 23
Bennett B 1

1870 JC Washington Dist # 63 l/w Alfred
Barbara 70

John House, in published interview with Abraham Litton, states that David was born in Berkeley Co, Aug 1799, married Peggy, daughter of George Rhodes. 
Family F52
1840 Lewis Co, VA
John Greenleaves
1m 0-5
1m 5-10
1m 20-30
1m 60-70
1f 0-5
1f 20-30
1f 50-60

1850 Jackson Co, VA # 307-311
Greenleavs John 34 M Farmer Va
Greenleavs Sarah 35 F Va
Greenleavs George W 15 M Farmer Va
Greenleavs Sarah E 13 F Va
Greenleavs Elliot 11 M Va
Greenleavs Caroline 9 F Va
Greenleavs Seymore 5 M Va
Greenleavs Mary A 1 F Va

1860 Jackson Co, VA # 968-912
John 44
Sarah 45
Caroline 18
Elbert 20
Lyman 14
Ruami, 8
Mary A 11
John W 5
Benjamin T 1

1870 Washington, Jackson Co, WV Dist # 69-69
Greenleaf, John, 54
Catherine, 52
John Jr, 16
Benjamin F, 12
Seamon, 24
Cox, Mark, 16
Mary, 14
Hannah, 74

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia Page 407C
Benjamin GREENLEAF Son M S W 21 WV
Mary COX SDau F S W 20 WV
Geo. W. MARKS Nephew M S W 15 WV

John House:
John Greenleaf, his son, was born on the third day of August, 1816, and was sixteen years old at the time of the migration to Gilmer County (then Lewis County), and lived at Normantown nine years.

He married Sarah Norman, a daughter of James Norman, for whom the village of Normantown is said to have derived its name. She was a sister of "Sis" Ludwick's mother.

In May, 1843, John Greenleaf moved to a farm of over one hundred acres he had bought at Gay, on Elk Fork of Mill Creek. There was some improvement on the land when Greenleaf moved to it, but he did not tell me at the interview I had with him one day in July, 1904, of whom he bought. Being nearly eighty eight years old, and very frail, the old man's memory was bad, and having lost his land recently and been left in his old age without a home, his mind was affected, or, as he expressed it, 'he was "shook up" in his head'.

The first summer he lived on Elk, he made a light crop of corn on account of the lateness in the year of his arrival.

He worked for some of the neighbors to get grain for bread. David Litton, John Bord, and John Tolley were among his neighbors when he came. He helped John Bord, who lived on Frozen Camp, where Miles Bord now lives, to reap his wheat crop that summer.

When Greenleaf came to Elk Fork, he moved on pack horses. There was at that time an abundance of game in Gilmer County, but in Jackson County, it was already becoming scarce. There were some deers and a few wild turkeys yet.

While moving, he passed a night with William R. Goff, long one of the leading citizens of Spencer. He was then for five years a resident of the Goff homestead, had a small improvement, and a family of four children. Uncle Hi Goff, of Tanner's Run, was then a babe of two months of age.

It is said there were then only two other families living at Spencer, those of Samuel Tanner and Samuel Miller.

John Greenleaf was a minister of the Gospel, Southern Methodist Church.

He was Justice of the Peace for twenty two years, by appointment of the Governor, and four years President of the County Court, elected by the people. He retired late in the 80's.

John Greenleaf and Henderson Harper were about the same age. They died about the same time, and were buried the same day.

Elliot (C.E.) Greenleaf, of Elk Fork, one time assessor of Jackson County, was a son of John. He was born in Gilmer County a year before his parents moved to Elk Fork.

Beulah Greenleaf, who married U.S. detective, Dan Cunningham, was a daughter of Elliott.

Other children of John Greenleaf were:
J. W. Greenleaf, died unmarried.
S. E. Greenleaf, of near Red Knob, Roane County.
"Rua" Greenleaf, married Charles L. Bradley.
Caroline Greenleaf married John M. Bradley.
Riley Greenleaf was the oldest son, lived near Red Knob on Wolf Camp.
Ben T. Greenleaf was John's youngest son, died in the asylum, November 7th, 1910. 
Family F86
1850 Jackson, VA # 166-170
Parsons Adam H 24 M Farmer Va
Parsons Mary A 17 F Va
Parsons Andrew W 1/12 M Va

1870 Curtis, Roane, WV #12
Parsons, A H 42 Dec
Mary A 28 May
Madison 19 July
Dempsey 15 June
Wiley 13 May
Ellen 11 Sept
John L 9 dec
Jane 6 Jan
Martin 5 sept
Oley 1 Feb

1880 Census Place: Curtis, Roane, West Virginia Page 9B
Adam H. PARSONS Self M M W 53 WV
Mary A. PARSONS Wife F M W 46 IN
Catherine DAVIS Dau F M W 26 WV
John L. PARSONS Son M S W 17 WV
Emily J. PARSONS Dau F S W 14 WV
Martin L. PARSONS Son M S W 13 WV
Oceola B. PARSONS Dau F S W 11 WV
Ehood PARSONS Son M S W 9 WV
Charles PARSONS Son M S W 6 WV
Joseph M. BURDITT Other M S W 20 WV
Occ: Laborer Fa: WV Mo: WV 
Family F362
1850 Jackson Co census page 44, #312-316
Bradly James 40 M Farmer Va
Bradly Nancy 37 F Va
Bradly Sarah E 18 F Va
Bradly Elizabeth 17 F Va
Bradly Robert H 14 M Va
Bradly Mary M 12 F Va
Bradly Sophronia G 8 F Va
Bradly John M 6 M Va
Bradly Charles L 2 M Va

1860 Jackson County pg 17 # 150-140
Bradley, James, 54, miller, Cottageville, 260-175; VA
Nancy, 45 (Rhodes, d Peter & Letha (Board) Rhodes, m. Rockbridge Co, VA), VA
Sophronia, 18 (m. Jacob B Casto) Va
Charles L, 10, VA *

1880 Washington Dist, Jackson, WV living with Sophronia & Jacob Casto
Nancy, 70, MIL, VA 
Family F35
1850 Jackson Co VA 343-347
Casto George Jr 28 M Farmer Va
Casto Nancy 24 F Va
Casto Elvira 1 F Va
Casto George W 12 M Va
1850 annotated says Geo, 12 is son of John G & Catherine

1860 Jackson Co VA # 1008-948
George , 38
Nancy, 34
Elvira C, 11
Mary E, 11
Henry C, 8
Francis M, 6 son
Sarah R, 4
Emily, 1

1870 Jackson Co VA Washington Dist # 123
George, 48
Nancy, 44
Henry C, 17
Francis M, 15 son
Sarah B, 13
Emily E, 11
Martha O, 9
Louisa J, 8
Nancy A, 5
Edward S, 2

1880 # 370-370 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
George CASTO Self M M W 57 WV
Nancy CASTO Wife F M W 53 WV
Marion CASTO Son M S W 25 WV
Louiza J. CASTO Dau F S W 16 WV
Nancy A. CASTO Dau F S W 14 WV
Edward S. CASTO Son M S W 11 WV

1900 Jackson Co VA Washington Dist # 322, l/w son Francis
Nancy, 8/1826, wd [# of children not listed]

Rathbone E, 5/9/1854, Geo & Nancy Casto, Jackson Co, farmer
Emily E, 8/1859, George & Nancy, Jackson Co, farmer 
Family F36
1850 Jackson Co VA 8/16/1850 #325-329
Rhodes Abram 39 M Farmer Va Can't r/w
Rhodes Margaret 34 F Ohio Can't r/w
Rhodes William 18 M Farmer VA
Rhodes Levnia 16 F Va
Rhodes Lewis 13 M Va att sch
Rhodes Mary 8 F Va att sch
Rhodes Drusilla 2 F Va

1860 Jackson, VA # 368
John Pringle _no age given VA
Margt - no age given VA
Jno G 20 VA
Eliz 18 VA
Elvina 16 VA
Sandusky 13 VA
Milton 11 VA
Roxy A 7 VA
Mazella 13 VA
Joseph Johnson 67 NJ
Arch Skidmore 4 VA 
Family F108
1850 Jackson Co VA 8/16/1850 #319-323
Rhodes Peter 26 M Farmer Va
Rhodes Lethea 25 F Va
Rhodes Robert 6 M Va
Rhodes Amanda 4/12 F Va

1860 Jackson County VA pg105 967-911
Rhodes, Peter, 35, Farmer, Elk Fork, 700-120, Rockbridge Co
Lithy, 35
Robt, 16
Amanda, 14
Bnsin? Brisin? 10
Maria, 7 (m) [Marion]
Eliz, 4
Ruth, 1

"History of Harper District" by M.A.C. Hopkins 
Family F17
1850 Jackson Co VA # 70-72
Smith Jno 48 F Farmer Va
Francis 33 F Va
Saml 18 M Farmer Ky
Hearl M 15 M Farmer Va
Mary 14 F Va
John 12 M Va
Henry 11 M Va
Elijah 9 M Va
Esau 7 M Va
Lucinda 4 F Va
Martha 2 F Va

1860 Roane Co, VA # 524
Smith John 58 Farmer & Minister
Frances 43
Henry C. 21
Elijah B. 19
Esau F. 17 m. Elizabeth Rhodes
Lucinda 14
Martha J. 13
Frances 9,
Joseph N. 4
Dayton 1

1870 Roane Co, WV #81
Smith, H.M., 35 [Harl]
wife and 4 kids
John Smith, 68, Baptist Minister WV Oct
Henry, 31 May
David D, 12 April

1880 Census Place: Harper, Roane, West Virginia
James TAYLOR Self M M W 31 VA
Martha I. TAYLOR Wife F M W 32 VA
Emma J. TAYLOR Dau F S W 11 WV
Margaret E. TAYLOR Dau F S W 8 WV
Viola A. TAYLOR Dau F S W 4 WV
John H. TAYLOR Son M S W 10M WV
John SMITH Other M W 78 VA
Fa: --- Mo: --- 
Family F196
1850 Jackson Co WV, pg 40-41, #303-307
annotated census indicates they moved to Jackson county between births of John and Robert
Thomas Archbald A 50 M Farmer Va
Thomas Elizabeth 40 F Va
Thomas Henry Clay 17 M Farmer Va
Thomas William H 15 M Farmer Va
Thomas Mary C 14 F Va
Thomas Salena E or A 12 F Va
Thomas John A 10 M Va
Thomas Robert C 5 M Va
Thomas Elizabeth 3 F Va

1860 Jackson Co WV # 959
Archibald D 49 Meth. Prot Minister
Elizabeth 49
John 19
Robert C 15
Sarah E 13
1860 Jackson Co Mortality Sch - is he their son?
Archibald Thomas Jr 9, m, April, Va, sore throat

male, 3/28/1853, AD & E (Rhodes) Thomas

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia Page 407D
Archie A. THOMAS Self M M W 69 VA MD MD
Elisibeth THOMAS Wife F M W 69 VA VA VA 
Family F76
1850 Jackson Co, living with father and Uncle Alexander Rhodes
Alexander, 6
1860 Roane Co, living with Alexander Harper
Alexander ANDERSON 16 Farm laborer b VA 
Anderson, Alexander (I378)
1850 Jackson Co, VA pg 47 348-352
Casto John M.D. 32 M Farmer Va
Casto Margaret 30 F Va
Casto Isaac S 8 M Va
Casto Gracy 6 F Va
Casto Catharine 4 F Va
Casto Cyntha 1 F Va
Anderson George 5 M [children of Va
Anderson Martha 4 F Wm & Elizabeth] Va

1860 census, Jackson Co, WV # 1011-951
John M D Casto, 41, farmer, $300/120 VA
Marg., 40
Isaac, 19
Cath., 15
Cynthia, 12
Matilda, 10
Mary, 8
Rebecca, 6
Betsy/Bittsy, 6/12

1870 Washington Dist, Jackson, WV # 138
John M, 54
Margaret, 46
Grace, 25
Catherine, 24
Matilda, 19
Mary, 15
Rebecca, 13
Elizabeth, 11
Anderson, Alfred, 4, nephew

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
John M. D. CASTO Self M M W 62 WV
Marget CASTO Wife F M W 61 WV
Grace CASTO Dau F W W 36 WV (div/widow)
Rebecca CASTO Dau F S W 23 WV
Alfred ANDERSON Nephew M S W 14 WV
Isaac R. CASTO GSon M S W 7 WV

Casto Cemetery, on steep hill above junction of Grasslick creek with Bear Fork to form Tug Fork at Staats Mills shows
John M D Casto, d April 11, 1895, age 78

Daughters Grace & Matilda got married on same day 
Family F22
1850 Jackson county census shows him as 5 months 
Randolph, James Addison (I12)
1850 Jackson, Monroe, OH # 28
Jesse Merical 24 Oh
Mary 20 Va
Emile 4 f Oh
Jesse 2 m Oh

1860 Liberty, Washington, OH # 137
Jesse Merrickle 35 OH
Mary J 33 PA
Anna 13 Oh
Jesse 11 Oh
James 9 Oh
George 7 Oh

1870 Liberty, Washington, OH # 212-213
Miracle, Jesse 45 Oh
Mary J 42 Oh
James 19 Oh
George 17 Oh
Nicholas 8 Oh

1880 Census Place: Ripley, Jackson, West Virginia Page 434D
Jesse MARICLE Self M M W 55 OH
Occ: Farmer Fa: PA Mo: OH
Mary J. MARICLE Wife F M W 52 VA
Nickolas MARICLE Son M S W 18 OH

1900 Ripley, Jackson, WV # 103-110 [next to George]
Jesse Miracle 5/1825 m 56y OH OH OH
Mary 7/1827 m 56y 7-4 children VA VA VA
Gannie gd 12/1884 W OH WV

1910 Ripley, Jackson, WV # 262-263
Merrical, Jessie head 84 m 64y OHOHOH
Mary J wife 83 m 64y 7-4 children VAVAVA

Jesse Merrical, 3/19/1937, 88y7m12d, [d] Jackson Co, [p] Jesse & Mary Jane (Calvin) Merrical Sr [b] Ohio, farmer, married 
Family F394
1850 Jackson, VA # 81-84
Westfall Jno H 31 M Farmer Va
Westfall Melinda 30 F Va
Westfall Anderson 10 M Va
Westfall Clark 9 M Va
Westfall Nathan 8 M Va
Westfall Minerva 6 F Va
Westfall Columbus 4 M Va
Westfall Sarah E 1 F Va

1860 Roane Co, WV
626- Westfall- Anderson 19 Farmer Jackson Co., Martha 19 ( Anderson), S.
John H. & Malinda ( Green) Va
Westfall John H. 44 Farmer ( Age 31-1850 Census) Harrison Co.,
Maranda 40 ( Green) m. John H., S. Andrew & Mary ( Hyre) 5-31-1840, Andrew was s/o Zechariah & Hannah ( Wolfe) who were married in 1788 Andrew Westfall m. Mary Eliz.d. John Hyre, in Harrison Co. 11/11/1809 Va.
Clark 18 Farmer Jackson Co. Joined Union Army.
Nathan 16 f/l Jackson Co., Joined Union Army
Dorcas L. 5 Jackson
Columbus 15
Wm. H. 4 Roane
Minerva 13
Mary Jane 2 Roane (12?)
Sarah E. 10
Lucretia 8
Eperson 6

1870 Harper, Roane, WV # 21-24
Westfall, J H 50
Maranda 50 [what a scrawl!]
Lucetta 19
Dorcas L 15
Epperson 17
Wm H 12
M J (f) 10
Margaret 7

1880Census Place: Harper, Roane, West Virginia
John H. WESTFALL Self M M W 60 WV
Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: VA Mo: VA
Marinda WESTFALL Wife F M W 60 WV
Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: VA
Mary J. WESTFALL Dau F S W 21 WV
Occ: Out Of Occupation Fa: VA Mo: VA
Margaret WESTFALL GDau F S W 19 WV
Fa: WV Mo: WV

1900 Harper, Roane, WV
Columbus Westfall, 6/1845 54 m 32y
Lucinda R 1/1851 49 m 32y 9-6 children
Martha J 12/1876
Cora 7/1882
Ethel M 10/1884
Jacob W 3/1889
Miranda mother 12/1817 82 wd 13-10 children

'History of Harper District'
for his second wife he married Mrs Carolyn Ferrell widow of Parrot Ferrell
[Kathryn Westfall says this is not him. He died before Miranda. Marriage record shows it was his son, Andrew who married her]
Family F31
1850 Jackson, VA # 360-364
Tolly Jourdan 29 M Farmer Va
Tolly Jenna 28 F Va
Tolly Amanda J 7 F Va
Tolly Mountaville 5 M Va
Tolly Marshall 3 M Va
Tolly Henderson 1 M Va

1870 Jackson, WV Washington Dist # 112
George W, 19
Jerusha 49
Henderson 21
Mary E 12
Floyd 6 
Family F40
1850 Jackson, VA # 391-395
Southall William 44 M Farmer Va
Southall Paulina 26[36] F Va
Southall James H 18 M Farmer Va
Southall William 14 M Va
Southall Parmela F 17 F Va
Southall Mary A 12 F Va
Southall Alexander 10 M Va
Southall Elizabeth C 6 F Va
Southall Martha M 4 F VA
Southall Laurana B 1 F Va

1860 Jackson, VA # 1037-975, p 112
William, 52
Catherine, 48
Martha, 14
Louisa, 12
John, 8
Jane, 4

1870 Jackson, WV Union # 269
William, 67
Catherine P, 57
Martha, 23
John, 18
Jane V, 48

1880 E Ripley Dist, Jackson, WV # 137-138
William, 70
Perlina C, 50, wife
Martha, 30
Josephine, 8, adopted Dau

JCMR: - Martha??
Garver, Frank, 26, Germany
Southall, MMP, 32, VA 8/27/1881 
Family F274
1850 Jackson, VA l/w John MD & Margaret Casto
Anderson, Martha, 4 
Anderson, Martha (I475)
1850 Jackson, VA # 290-294 8/14/1850
Roads J.C.M. 31 M Farmer Va Roads Anne 31 F Va can't r/wX
Roads Elizabeth 8 F Va Roads Mary 6 F Va Roads Sarah J 4 F Va Roads Charles 2 M Va Roads Nancy 3/12 F Va

1860 Jackson County, VA # 1020-958 taken 7/28/1860
Rhodes, Jas C M, 41,VA
Ann, 41, VA
Mary, 16, Kids all Jxn
Jane, 14
Chas, 12
Nancy, 10
Sylvester, 8
Susan, 6
Sinobeth, 3
Albert, 1/12

1870 Jackson, WV p 193
Rhodes, James C M, 40, farmer, Tug Fork, 400-200, Rockbridge Co
Ann, 40, JC
Nancy, 21
Susan, 14
Elizabeth, 12
Sylvester, 18
Albert, 10
Melvin, 2

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia Page 424B
James C. M. RHOADS Self M M W 61 WV
Ann RHOADS Wife F M W 61 WV
Susan RHOADS Dau F S W 25 WV
Albert A. RHOADS Son M S W 19 WV
Louis M. RHOADS GSon M S W 12 WV

1900 Washington Dist, Jackson WV l/w dau Mary
Anie Rhodes, mil, 10/1818, wd, 12-8, WV WV WV

From Joyce Mertens:
Roane Co Deeds
James C. M. Rhodes by Mary A. D. Bruen and others by their deed bearing dates on the 15 day of December 1883.

So he bought some of the Bruen land. I'm not sure of the spelling of that. By 1889 he is deceased and the deed is between Miles and Silvester and wife Helena. One mentions Charles B. Rhodes & wife. The early one is bordered by T. A. E. Wesson & Wife & Charles B. Rhodes & wife. 1891 mentions Martin Casto.
The 1894 one has Rhodes spelled Rhoads but on the outside has it Rhodes. This year they sell this 39 acres to D. W. Rhoads and in 1895 he sells it back to Melissa Jane. It is bordered by: Situated on the head of Bare Fork of Mill Creek in Harper District, Roane County, W. Va. and bounded on the North by Charles Moore and East by Andrew Westfall, on the south by Silvester Rhoads and on the west by J. F. Cobb
(Julian Frank Cobb)

Anna Rhodes, Charles B. Rhodes 7 Sylvester & Helena Rhodes sold land to Miles in 1891. Another ones shows Miles and Melissa Rhodes bought land in Roane co. From Sylvester's widow Ann, Charles B. Rhodes and Malinda Litton Tolley in 1892. 
Family F66
1850 Jackson, VA 347-351
Casto James M 25 M Farmer Va
Casto Sarah 22 F Va
Casto Mirmima 3/12 F Va
Casto Edward 21 M Farmer Va X
Casto Mary 17 F VA X

1860 Jackson Co, WV # 1005-945
James M, 36, farmer, cannot read/write
Sarah, 32
Jemima, 11
John J, 8
Sarah E, 5
Eliz, 3

1870 Jackson, WV Washignton Dist #115-115
James M, 47
Sarah, 42
Jemima, 20
John J, 18
Sarah E, 16
Elizabeth 14
Jane 12
James 10

1880 Census Place: Ripley, Jackson, West Virginia
Joseph F. TAYLOR Self M M W 29 VA
Occ: Farmer Fa: PA Mo: VA
Elmirah E. TAYLOR Wife F M W 31 WV
Rosalie TAYLOR Dau F S W 4 WV
Charles E. TAYLOR Son M S W 3 WV
Martha E. TAYLOR Dau F S W 2 WV
Elizabeth CASTA Other F S W 21 WV
Occ: Servant Fa: WV Mo: WV

1900 Jackson, WV Washington Dist # 355-367
Casto, James M, 6/1822, wd
Jemima, d, 3/1850, s
John J, s, 9/1851, s
Maggie O, gd, 8/1886, s
Jemima E, gd, 4/1888, s
[If James was widower, this means Sarah must have died before 1900, not in 1908, as Casto Cousins states.] 
Family F21
1850 Jackson, VA 355-359
Price Henry H 31 M Farmer Va
Price Catherine 35 F Va
Price Nicholas L 6 M [Casto] Va
Price Benjamin R 2 M Va
Price William B 3/12 M Va

1860 Jackson, VA # 996-937
Henry H 41
Catherine 45
Nicholas Casto, 16, is again listed as a Price
Benjamin B 13
William B 10
Melissa 9
Louisa 7

Don't find them in Jackson County 1870 census

1880 Washington Dist, Jackson, WV # 192-192
Henry H, 64
Catharine, 65
Melissa J, 22
Deborah, 19
Shamblen, Louisa F, 29, d
Albert, 2, gs

Tolley Cemetery
Price, Henry H.,    B. 18__ D. 
Family F145
1850 Jackson, VA, living with David and Louisa Casto
Anderson, Emily, 9

1860 Jackson, VA
43 – # 385-354
Crites, Martin, 49
Anderson, EV (f), 19, domestic, VA
1860 JC # 1373-1302 ??? with Mary age 1 
Anderson, Emily V (I230)
1850 JC

Name: Jacob Casto
Death Date: 27 Jun 1930
Death Place: Gay, Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
Age at Death: 85y5m2d
Cemetery: Sinaville
Funeral Home: Rhodes
Birth Date: Jan 25, 1845
Birth Place: Va
Marital Status: widowed
Spouse: Sophronia Casto
Mother: -- Parsons
Mother's Birth Place: Va
Father: Wm. Casto
Father's Birth Place: Va
Informant: L M Casto 
Casto, Jacob B (I63)
1850 JC 58-60
Hamilton Jno 46 M Farmer Va
Hamilton Nancy 45 F Va
Hamilton Elizabeth 13 F Va
Hamilton Mary J 12 F Va
Hamilton James 9 M Va
Hamilton Nancy 8 F Va
Hamilton George 5 M Va

1860 JC # 1280-1211
JOhn 54
Nancy 56
Nancy 18
George 14 
Family F82
1850 JC # 313-317
Lytten Abraham Jr 25 M Farmer Va
Lytten Margaret 25 F Va
Lytten Jonathan 3 M Va
Lytten Allen 8/12 M Va

1860 JC # 974
Abraham 35
Margaret 36
Henry 8
David 4

Westfall, Elizabeth (Morrison), 57
Isaac N, 18 
Family F88
1850 JC # 78-81 8/1/1850
Rhodes Benj 25 M Farmer Va
Rhodes Hannah 25 F Va
Rhodes John 1 M Va

1860 Jackson County pg 32 # 294-271
Rhodes, Benjamin, 34, farmer, (Ripley Area) 1500-150, Madison Co, KY
Hannah, 36 (Parsons, d/o John Fink & Rhuma (Sayre) Parsons, m. Benjamin, s/o Benjamin & Nancy Rhodes, 12/13/1846) VA
John, 11, Jax
Miriam, 8, Jax
Mazilla, 5, Jax

1870 JC 111
Rhodes, Benjamin, 45, farmer, Ripley, 100-400, madsion Co KY
Annie (Hannah), 45, JC (Parsons, d John Fink & Ruhama Sayre Parsons
John, 21 [kids all JC]
Miriam, 18
Mazilla, 14

1880 Jackson Co p 142 # 76 E Ripley Dist
Rhodes, Benjamin, 55, f, Klondyke, Mad Co, KY
Hannah, 55, wf, Mason co
John, 31, s, fl, JC
Mazilla, 24, d
Parsons, William, 10, nephew, JC

Buried Mt Calvery/Harpold Cem, JC, near Ripley 
Family F61
1850 JC living with his father in the Alexander Rhodes household. His siblings were with Casto families.

1860 JC living with Alexander Harper

1880 Census Place: Harper, Roane, West Virginia Page 36B
Alexander ANDERSON Self M M W 37 WV
Occ: Farmer Fa: VA Mo: VA
Nancy J. ANDERSON Wife F M W 27 WV
Occ: Keeping House Fa: OH Mo: OH
Josephine ANDERSON Dau F S W 6 WV
Mary E. ANDERSON Dau F S W 12 WV
Leweinda ANDERSON Dau F S W 5 WV
Emley N. ANDERSON Dau F S W 3 WV
William C. ANDERSON Son M S W 3 WV
William ANDERSON Other M W 60 WV
Fa: VA Mo: VA

1900 Harper, Roane, WV
Alexander Anderson 11/1844 m 27y WV VAVA
Nancy 3/1853 m 27y 12-12 children WV OH WV
William 12/1877
Martha 11/1882
Rebecca 1/1884
Ida 3/1885
Leota 2/1886
Howard 8/1889
Cora 5/1892
Luvernia 12/1895
George 7/1897

1910 Harper, Roane, WV # 112-113 kids all WVWVWV
Anderson, Alexander 66 m2- 37y WVWVWV
Nancy J 59 m1- 37y 12-12 children WVOHWV
Howard P son 20 S
Frederick son 12 S

Roane Co MR
Alex ANDERSON 29 (w) Kanawha; Roane s/o William & Elizabeth
N J MOORE 21 Kanawha; Roane d/o James & Catherine
Married 09 Apr 1872 Roane Co., WV

Perry H Anderson born 08 Aug 1889 to Alex. and N.J.(Nancy)
Beckley Alice Anderson born 05 Jan 1884 to Alex and Nancy Jane.

Roane Co Chart - shows his birthdate as 11/8/1844, son of William and Elizabeth Harper Hargus
Alexander Anderson b 11/8/1844, s/o William and Elizabeth 
Family F174
1850 Kanawha Co VA Dist 20 # 1782
Elijah Taylor 61 VA
Lydia 68
George W 38
Nancy 30
Archibald 3
Cornelius 30
Nancy 25
George 5
Polly A 4
Anderson 2

1860 Roane Co VA June 8&9, 1860
Taylor, George W 45
Nancy 40
Arthur 12
Henderson 9
Lydia 8
Elijah 4
Mary 2

1870 Harper Roane, WV # 44-49
G W Taylor 50 farmer RE 600, PE 300 b Va
Nancy A 49 b Dec Va
Archibald 22 b July Va
Elijah 14 b May Va
Mary E 11 b June Va
Rebecca A 8 b Feb Va

1880 Census Place: Harper, Roane, West Virginia
George TAYLOR Self M M W 63 VA
Nancy TAYLOR Wife F M W 57 WV
Mary TAYLOR Dau F S W 22 WV
Anna TAYLOR Dau F S W 18 WV 
Family F163
1850 Kanawha Co VA Dist 29
Alexander Harper 25
Mary A 18
Mahala 7/12
Barbara Rhodes 12

1860 Roane Co WV # 83
Alexander Harper 34 VA
Mary A 30
Mahala 10
John 9
Cynthia 7
Emily 5
Elkana 2
Alexander Anderson 16

1870 Roane Co WV Harper Dist # 39-44
Harper, Alex 44
Mary A 38
John A 19
Emily 14
Elkana 12
Rachel A 9
Luverna E 7
Margaret C 5
George W 3
Alex.d M 3/12

1880 Census Place: Harper, Roane, West Virginia Page 31C
Alexander HARPER Self M M W 55 VA
Mary A. HARPER Wife F M W 48 VA
Ellhanah HARPER Son M S W 21 VA
Margaret HARPER Dau F S W 15 WV
Charles W. HARPER Son M S W 13 WV
Alexander M. HARPER Son M S W 10 WV
William C. HARPER GSon M S W 3 WV 
Family F161
1850 Kanawha Co, VA
James Fields 31
Susan 25
Tilmand 8
Rese 6
Abner 1

1860 Jackson Co WV # 1344-1274
Fields, Jas 41
Susan, 58 [38]
Rus, 17
John 15
Geo 18
Francis, 5
Sarah 2
[Susan is probably d/o James & Sarah Garrett who lived at # 1342 and the Charles Garrett at # 1434 would have been her brother]

1870 Washington , Jackson Co WV # 174
James 53
Susan 49
John 19
George 16
Franklin 13
Sarah 9
William L, 7
Ann E, 5
[Reece is next door]

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
James FIELDS Self M M W 63 VA
Susan FIELDS Wife F M W 56 VA
Sarah A. FIELDS Dau F S W 21 WV
Louiza FIELDS Dau F S W 14 WV
Franklin P. FIELDS Son M M W 23 WV
Semantha C. FIELDS DauL F M W 19 WV

Analiza 8/1865 James and Ann Fields 
Family F120

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