Obituary of Miss HENRIETTA RHODES, February 28, 1817

From: The Annual biography and obituary, published in England in 1818.



This lady, born in the county of Salop, in the year 1756, was the daughter of Mr. Rhodes of Cann-Hall in the borough of Bridgnorth. At an early period of life, although never successfully wooed herself, yet she wooed the muses, and in the opinion of her friends, with no small degree of good fortune. Some of her neighbours, however, supposed that her verses did not rise above mediocrity; although all concurred in excepting her ballads, a taste for which she had cultivated by reading of the famous collection *, published by the late Dr. Percy, Bishop of Dromore. She also edited a work written by her nephew; composed several short and fugitive articles for her friends; and printed a novel with a most romantic name, long after she had left off the style and appellation of a spinster; having for some time back been called Mrs. Rhodes. This lady interposed at the election of members of parlia- ^nent, for the place of her nativity, in 1784, with a generous warmth, in support of a friend; and died at her house in East Castle Street, Bridgnorth, February 28, 1817, in the sixty-first year of her age,

List of the Works of the late Miss Rhodes.

1. Various Poetical Compositions, in early life, some of which were afterwards published.

2. Rosalie, or the Castle of Montalabretti, 4 vols. 12mo. 1811.

3. An account of Stonehenge, 8vo. 1814.

4. Poems and Miscellaneous Essays, published by Subscription, 8vo. 1814.