New pages on Rhodes’ From Tennessee

Thanks to Wayne Rhodes of the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia for bringing us the following data. Check out their website at

The following are exerts from the page

1860 Census, Fayette Co., TN (Civil District No. 2) M-653, Roll 1248, p. 426

Dwelling 267, Family 267

William Rhodes, 50, farmer, real estate $20,025, personal estate $44,650; E. A. Rhodes, 44; T. M. Rhodes, male, 22, born Tennessee; T. S. Rhodes, 20, male, born Tennessee; B. S. Rhodes, male, 17, born Tennessee; Harper Rhodes, male, 14, born Tennessee; A. H. Rhodes, male, 15, born Tennessee; J. C. Rhodes, female, 12, born Tennessee; W. N. Rhodes, male, 9, born Tennessee; Gaston C. Rhodes, male, 2, born Tennessee.

The following are exerts from the page

1860 Census, Carroll Co., TN, M-653, Roll 1243, p. 3

Dwelling 34, Family 34

James W. Rhodes, 39, farmer, real estate $4,000, personal estate $6,000, born North Carolina; Jane H. Rhodes, 36, born Tennessee; Frances P. Rhodes, 16, born Tennessee; Josephus Rhodes, 14, born Tennessee; William Rhodes, 12, born Tennessee; Amanda Rhodes 10, born Tennessee; James Rhodes, 7, born Tennessee; Mary Rhodes, 3, born Tennessee; John Rhodes, 2, born Tennessee.

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