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The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Will & Probate Records

Will of Moses Rhodes, 1769 Loudoun Co., VA
Will of Epaphroditus Rhodes, Albemarle County, VA, 1816
Will of Tholemiah Rhodes - Loudoun Co., VA, 1821
Will of Charles Rodes - Amherst County, Virginia, 1805
Will of Woodhouse Rhodes - Onslow Co., NC, 1827
Will of John Rhoads - Ulster Co., NY, 1826
Will of Zadock Rhodes - Ulster Co., NY, 1852
Will of Rufus Rhodes - Ulster Co., NY 1871
Will of Isaac Rhodes - Ulster Co., NY 1875
Will of Lewis G. Rhodes - Ulster Co., NY, 1880
Will of Henry Rhodes - Onslow Co., N.C., 1751
Will of Henry Rhodes - Dobbs Co., N.C., 1773
Will of Alexander Rhodes - Jones Co., N.C., 1889
Will of Jacob Rhodes - Robeson Co., NC, 1822
Will of Charlotte Rhodes - Butler Co., AL., 1857
Will of Benjamin Rhodes - Butler Co., AL., 1855
Will of Joseph Rhodes - Carteret Co., NC 1789
Will of Jarred Rhodes - Butler Co., AL., 1853
Will of John Rhodes - Wayne Co., NC, 1808
Will of David Rodes - Albemarle Co. VA, 1790
Probate of William Rhodes - Champaign Co., Oh., 1828
Will of Elizabath Rhodes - Onslow Co., NC, 1829
Will of Matthew Rhodes - County of Chester, England, 1896
Will of William Rhoads Senior – Tyrrill Co. NC, 1753
Will of William Rhoads – Tyrrill Co. NC, 1765
Will of John Rhoads – Tyrrill Co. NC, 1753
Will of Simeon Rhodes - Tyrrell Co., NC, 1865
Will of Elizer Snell Tyrrell Co., NC, 1902
Will of Thomas Rhodes Sr. - Orange Co., NC, 1834
Will of Robert Rhodes Sr. - Bertie County North Carolina 1809

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