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South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Emmie P.  Sep 1868South Carolina I04359 Rhodes C P 
2 Fannie L.  1884South Carolina I04363 Rhodes C P 
3 Mary  Aft 1750South Carolina I124 Kisler Rhodes 
4 Sallie  1887South Carolina I04366 Rhodes C P 
5 Bennett, Louise   I04334 Rhodes C P 
6 Duncan, Sarah  1743South Carolina I2769 Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
7 Duncan, Sarah  1743South Carolina I2769 Carl's 
8 Egnew, Mary Ann  1803South Carolina I37 David Rhodes 
9 Gray, James A.  Abt 1804South Carolina I1134 David Rhodes 
10 Gray, Robert S.  Abt 1795South Carolina I1130 David Rhodes 
11 Gray, Susan Ann  1838South Carolina I1361 David Rhodes 
12 Gray, William  Abt 1814South Carolina I1103 David Rhodes 
13 Hall, James  Abt 1740South Carolina I2768 Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
14 Hall, James  Abt 1740South Carolina I2768 Carl's 
15 Hall, Samuel  16 Jul 1799South Carolina I2788 Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
16 Hall, Samuel  16 Jul 1799South Carolina I2788 Carl's 
17 Kennedy, Christopher  1859South Carolina I03877 Rhodes C P 
18 Lee, Eliza E.  28 Dec 1814South Carolina I23 David Rhodes 
19 Lenderman, Dora E.  24 Oct 1871South Carolina I04367 Rhodes C P 
20 McPherson, James  1688South Carolina I56 Kisler Rhodes 
21 Melton, W. M.  1819South Carolina I786 David Rhodes 
22 Miles, Rachel  Abt 1700South Carolina I57 Kisler Rhodes 
23 Pearson, John  1797South Carolina I487 David Rhodes 
24 Pearson, Martha Eldridge  1833South Carolina I486 David Rhodes 
25 Powell, Sarah  1826South Carolina I3 David Rhodes 
26 Rhodes, Annie B.  Oct 1898South Carolina I04354 Rhodes C P 
27 Rhodes, Bertie M.  Oct 1892South Carolina I04352 Rhodes C P 
28 Rhodes, C. P.  1903South Carolina I04368 Rhodes C P 
29 Rhodes, Carrie D.  Apr 1896South Carolina I04353 Rhodes C P 
30 Rhodes, Dora E.  1909South Carolina I04369 Rhodes C P 
31 Rhodes, Ellis M.  20 Jan 1868South Carolina I00626 Rhodes C P 
32 Rhodes, Emma  1902South Carolina I04358 Rhodes C P 
33 Rhodes, Estell N.  1890South Carolina I00547 Rhodes C P 
34 Rhodes, Eugene  Feb 1889South Carolina I04356 Rhodes C P 
35 Rhodes, Florence  1899South Carolina I04335 Rhodes C P 
36 Rhodes, Geneva Lillian  South Carolina I02340 Rhodes C P 
37 Rhodes, Herbert P.  1896South Carolina I04375 Rhodes C P 
38 Rhodes, James Landrum  09 Mar 1866South Carolina I00627 Rhodes C P 
39 Rhodes, James R.  May 1899South Carolina I04355 Rhodes C P 
40 Rhodes, John Elrod  28 Nov 1861South Carolina I00629 Rhodes C P 
41 Rhodes, Lucille  1902South Carolina I04331 Rhodes C P 
42 Rhodes, Margaret  1906South Carolina I04370 Rhodes C P 
43 Rhodes, Marion G.  1908South Carolina I04371 Rhodes C P 
44 Rhodes, Mildred   I04372 Rhodes C P 
45 Rhodes, Nannie  1894South Carolina I04332 Rhodes C P 
46 Rhodes, Nellie M.  1901South Carolina I04377 Rhodes C P 
47 Rhodes, Pauline K.  1898South Carolina I04376 Rhodes C P 
48 Rhodes, Rebecca   I04373 Rhodes C P 
49 Rhodes, Thomas Perry  1873South Carolina I00624 Rhodes C P 
50 Rhodes, Thomas R.  1903South Carolina I04364 Rhodes C P 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beulah G.  12 Nov 1982South Carolina I02305 Rhodes C P 
2 Johnson, Sarah  Abt 1826South Carolina I173 Kisler Rhodes 
3 McPherson, Elizabeth  Aft 1768South Carolina I41 Kisler Rhodes 
4 Miles, John  Abt 1731South Carolina I58 Kisler Rhodes 
5 Miles, Rachel  UnknowSouth Carolina I57 Kisler Rhodes 
6 Prewitt, Hazel Irene  29 Jun 1982South Carolina I00285 Rhodes C P 
7 Rhodes, Ellis M.  29 Jul 1927South Carolina I00626 Rhodes C P 
8 Rhodes, James Landrum  24 Feb 1929South Carolina I00627 Rhodes C P 
9 Roberts, Inez  30 Mar 1983South Carolina I00113 Rhodes C P 
10 Roberts, James Louis  17 May 1969South Carolina I03931 Rhodes C P 
11 Shockley, Martha Emma  01 Mar 1914South Carolina I04351 Rhodes C P