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Mercer Co., WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gore, Alabama A.  30 Oct 1874Mercer Co., WV I2672 Swinney Line 
2 Gore, Elbert  4 May 1896Mercer Co., WV I2647 Swinney Line 
3 Gore, Granger H.  13 Jul 1863Mercer Co., WV I2519 Swinney Line 
4 Gore, Ida Mae  7 Mar 1911Mercer Co., WV I2656 Swinney Line 
5 Gore, Imogene  28 Oct 1913Mercer Co., WV I2657 Swinney Line 
6 Gore, Marshall S.  17 Mar 1908Mercer Co., WV I2648 Swinney Line 
7 Gore, S. Edgar  3 Oct 1894Mercer Co., WV I2646 Swinney Line 
8 Gore, Siden K.  7 Nov 1870Mercer Co., WV I2642 Swinney Line 
9 Pennington, Albert G.  1872Mercer Co., WV I2268 Swinney Line 
10 Wiley, Ardelia Lester  15 Nov 1875Mercer Co., WV I2273 Swinney Line 
11 Wiley, Leona  5 Dec 1877Mercer Co., WV I2269 Swinney Line 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Caperton, Augustus William James  22 Apr 1878Mercer Co., WV I2455 Swinney Line 
2 Swinney, Martin Newton Sr  1874Mercer Co., WV I3494 Swinney Line 
3 Wiley, Rachel Kelly  3 May 1883Mercer Co., WV I2454 Swinney Line 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dare / Wiley  1 Aug 1867Mercer Co., WV F957 Swinney Line 
2 Gore / Caperton  3 Jan 1895Mercer Co., WV F1034 Swinney Line 
3 Gore / Keatley  28 Nov 1900Mercer Co., WV F1005 Swinney Line 
4 Gore / King  5 Oct 1890Mercer Co., WV F1029 Swinney Line 
5 Gore / Martin  15 Feb 1875Mercer Co., WV F982 Swinney Line 
6 Gore / Martin  8 Nov 1877Mercer Co., WV F967 Swinney Line 
7 Gore / Vaught  3 May 1883Mercer Co., WV F986 Swinney Line 
8 Keatley / Gore  29 Jun 1888Mercer Co., WV F857 Swinney Line 
9 Pennington / Wiley  8 May 1888Mercer Co., WV F864 Swinney Line 
10 Pennington / Wiley  28 Mar 1895Mercer Co., WV F909 Swinney Line 
11 Pennington / Wiley  14 Apr 1897Mercer Co., WV F910 Swinney Line 
12 Wiley / Gibson  31 Jul 1877Mercer Co., WV F930 Swinney Line